Zelensky: the panic and the riots in New Sanzhary answer provocateurs

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was published on Friday in the Facebook address to the nation in which he promised the punishment of the instigators who provoked the riots in the village of Novye Sanzhary in Poltava region. The villagers were categorically against placement near their homes, evacuated from China citizens of Ukraine. The government expects that they will spend the quarantine period in the military sanatorium.

Zelensky said that the panic among the inhabitants of the village were planted deliberately. He stressed that we are talking about “known to the world the virologists in tracksuits”. Collision dissatisfied with police and pelting the bus with stones evacuated the President has called “savagery”. Customers and guilty in the riots Zelensky promised responsibility.

According to Zelensky, the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the return of Ukrainians from China was another test for companies. As it turned out, the President said, some doctors have forgotten the Hippocratic oath. “Once we impose the ideology based on the principle of is not essential, but it’s long gone,” said Zelensky.

TV Presenter VGTRK Olga Skobeeva responded to the words of the President of Ukraine in his Telegram. Skobeeva welcomed the plans of the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the incident, but asked: “Isn’t the same lads in tracksuits threw the Berkut paving stones and Molotov cocktails, aren’t they burned alive in Odessa?!”. Moreover, noted the presenter, victims of crime in Kiev called murderers and real criminals “distributed the medals and chairs in the Parliament.”