Zelensky said the offensive to his grandfather-the veteran of the word

Incorrect and offensive called the Kremlin the words of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He was in Poland after Polish politicians put on the Soviet Union responsibility for the outbreak of the Second world war. Moscow said that such statements insult the memory of soldiers of the red army, among which were the Ukrainians.

the Soviet Union is one of the culprits in the Second world war. The accusation from the lips of President Vladimir Zelensky.

“Poland and the Polish people first felt the conspiracy of totalitarian regimes. This led to the outbreak of the Second world war allowed the Nazis to launch deadly flywheel of the Holocaust,” said Zelensky.

the Diatribe he delivered during the commemorative events in Poland, where these days remember the victims of the Holocaust. In Moscow, these words called offensive.

“We strongly disagree with this statement. In this statement the President solidarities extremely incorrect, in our opinion, the view of the Polish leadership and solidarities with the point of view that is offensive to tens of millions of Russians and citizens of CIS countries, whose parents, grandparents, relatives gave their lives for the liberation of Europe, including Poland, from fascism”, — said Dmitry Peskov, press Secretary of the Russian President.

Five minutes, during which the Ukrainian President never mentioned neither the Soviet past of Ukraine, nor even the word “Soviet”. Only ethnic Ukrainians among the soldiers of the Lviv division that liberated Auschwitz.

“it is Evident that Mr. Zelensky is more and more immersed in the ideas of Ukrainian nationalism, oblivious to the fact, on what principle was called the red army”, — said Sergey Naryshkin, the Director of the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Russian historical society.

Statement of the Ukrainian leader provoked a huge wave of controversy. Upon release Poland and the concentration camps killed more than 600 thousand Soviet soldiers – of different nationalities. It was Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Georgians, Tatars.

“Mister Zelensky has underlined that Auschwitz was liberated by the 100th [infantry] division in Lviv, however, forgot to mention that the name “Lviv”, the division was awarded not because it was formed in Lviv, and because it participated in the liberation of the city, and was formed on the territory of the Russian Federation”, — said Alexander Dyukov, Director of “Historical memory”.

to Accuse the USSR in the outbreak of the Second world war, given the fact that Ukraine was then part of the Soviet Union all the same what to walk on thin ice.

According to the spin doctor Vladislav Ragimov, who worked with Vladimir Zelensky during the presidential campaign, another public mistake – miscalculation of his own team: “It is not the fault of the Zelensky, but the fault of his speechwriters and the Protocol, another mistake, and they will be repeated. The CIA has opened data for Bandera, Shukhevych on. Was the ideology of raising nationalism and so on. USA see that it is not profitable and they just merge this topic And his speechwriters can’t cut it, because the situation changes drastically in the other direction”.

It Zelensky has caused confusion in Ukraine. The former head of the Ministry of justice wrote that painfully ashamed of the word Zelensky, because it turns out all her family was in cahoots with a totalitarian regime. And journalist Dmitry Vasilets suggested that the President began to rewrite history, but makes a clumsy.

I Wonder, whether alive, what would you say about this accusatory speech, the grandfather of the Ukrainian leader — a war hero and holder of two orders of the red army, the very deeds of which the grandson is not talking publicly.