Zelensky have had the attorney General

For granting consent to the appointment Venediktova attorney General voted 269 deputies. Defiantly against the proposed nomination made of fraction of party “Voice” and “European solidarity”. During the discussion the representatives of close to Petro Poroshenko and the oligarchs Pinchuk forces expressed fears that Venediktov will begin to “political persecution” and “an attack on freedom of speech”, and also expressed doubts about training – at the time she did not pass the competition for the post of member of the Supreme court. The latest claim from close to the ex-President of the deputies seems unfair, because when Poroshenko attorney General took Yuri Lutsenko – a man without legal education, but with a criminal record. However, it was addressed in the first place, not Venediktova, and Vladimir Zelensky, who was present during the discussion in the hall.

Photo: AP the war Party defeats the President of Ukraine

the True cause of discontent Venediktova from the parliamentary minority lies in the plane of the real, momentary Ukrainian politics. So, as Director of the RRG, it has intensified the investigation of the cases against Petro Poroshenko and demanded that the previous attorney General Ruslan of Ryaboshapka to move the charges and change the procedural status of the former President from witness to defendant. Ryaboshapka, recall, stubbornly refused to do that, among other things, was the cause of his resignation two weeks ago. Venediktov also provoked the wrath of the collective parliamentary “Maidan” that advocated the abolition of Amnesty for the perpetrators of the coup militants – they say, among them lack of common criminals, and besides, the Amnesty prevents a fair investigation of the events of January-February 2014.

Irina Venedichova is a native of Kharkov, graduated from Kharkov national University of internal Affairs, and from 2005 he headed the Department of civil and legal disciplines of law faculty of Kharkiv national University. Also has a specialization in corporate and healthcare law. To “team Zelensky” joined to the end of 2018, and considers himself a “man of the President.” Local observers link her with cautious hope that the Prosecutor’s office will no longer be hostage to ideology and get rid of the external influence. About the last, remembering how in recent years the U.S. Embassy in the manual mode supervised by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, asked her some MPs.