The fictional image of the President of Ukraine Vasily Goloborod’ko in the TV series “servant of the people”, whose role was played by Vladimir Zelenski, formed on the basis of its life principles, said Deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine Yuriy Kostyuk.

According to him, “it is impossible sincerely to please millions of viewers, if you’re on your own man with rotten”, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“the hero Goloborodko love and convincing because he’s not playing a heightened sense of justice and desire to change the country, but he lives in it. This is what is Vladimir Zelensky and was transferred to the screen and narrated the film language” – said Kostiuk.

He pointed out that there are initially different starting position of the hero Basil Goloborodko and a real person, Vladimir Zelensky, and don’t have to actually transfer the image to real life.

As an example, the Deputy head of the office led to the moment when the character refused the motorcade and security. Zelensky can’t ride a bike because his security was criminally responsible for the lives and safety of the President.

“Very well abandon the protection currently impossible. Although, I think this is very much like Vladimir Zelensky,” – said Kostiuk.

Earlier, the Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky expressed opinion that Vladimir Zelensky “a weakling as President”, he is not able to make independent decisions.