Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the party “servant of the people” Galina Tretyakov said that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has reacted to the scandal that occurred after its proposal to sterilise the unemployed Ukrainians. She declared it on air “the Apostrophe TV”, the video is available on YouTube.

According to the Deputy, Zelensky named her torpedo and a possible reason for the failure of the presidential party in the upcoming October local elections. Tretyakov said that the conversation with the President dealt with the bills that her Committee prepared for consideration in Parliament.

“we had a meeting regarding the formation and deliberations of the bills that will be on the agenda next week. One of the bills 2275, which affects the interests of the trade unions, who pulled that phrase from the video of the webinar, wrote a treatment and began the reproduction of this scandal,” she said.

Earlier in June, Tretyakov said that unemployed Ukrainians children are born “very low quality”, and started talking about their sterilization. She cited the example of the UK and Singapore, noting that the authorities of these countries hard methods “uprooted in the nation elements which are not protectors and providers”. In the presidential party “servant of the people” later apologized for the words of the Deputy.