US Presidents Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky have completed two-hour talks that lasted about two hours at the White House. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The bilateral meeting ended at 16.12 (23.12 Moscow time), Zelensky left at 16.17 local time. According to the journalistic pool, the Ukrainian president ” waved and nodded to a small group of journalists who watched him leave the White House.”

Following the meeting, the leaders of the two countries opposed the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, as they saw it as a threat to Europe’s energy security. The countries submitted a joint statement on the strategic partnership of Ukraine and the United States, which notes that the states continue to oppose the gas pipeline.

In addition, the parties agreed to continue attempts to hold Russia accountable for the so-called “aggression”. The leaders of the two countries agreed that they should continue trying to hold Russia accountable for the so-called “aggression”.

On August 31, Zelensky and his wife Elena flew to Washington to meet with Biden. Zelensky expressed confidence that there will be a discussion of important issues of strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States ahead.