Zelenograd road bully shot the driver the finger

As it became known “MK”, the road in the afternoon of the holiday not shared by two driver — 40-year-old Eugene and a resident of Zelenograd named Ilya. Previously, men were strangers. Later, the police told Eugene that the second driver in life is extremely unbalanced, loses his temper over little things. Eugene, employee service center, became a random victim. That day he peacefully went in his car and on the roundabout had an argument with another driver.

– I began to RAM, in the end, I slid into a ditch. I got out of the car, and he opened fire, later recalled moments, the horror, Eugene

After the conflict, the wounded got to the emergency room and from there was admitted to a hospital in 71 city hospital. One bullet stuck in the back (a bit has not reached the lungs), and the other grazed a man on a tangent. Surgeons during the operation removed the bullet. In addition, he covered his face with his left hand, so the third bullet hit in the left arm, shattering the ring finger. The doctors said that most likely the limb amputated. Road bully has been detained.

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