Finally, Fans can discuss again about Helene Fischer (35). The singer is actually currently in a creative break, New one doesn’t get from the fishermen to their Christmas show to listen to. But on Saturday night, the ZDF Fischer’s concert film, “beamed You Feel?” and the singer quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Especially a lot of attention to the numerous Outfit changes, the fishermen were given during the two-hour Show took place.

But it is precisely these costumes of the ZDF presenter Maja Weber (42) are a thorn in the eye. The TV-a woman has criticized the pop Star namely now on Twitter for your outfit choice. And Weber takes no sheet before the mouth. “To find a “Superstar” such as Helene Fischer, the must make Fanbindung really no Worries, no other visual language for the many women on the stage than that of the Latex-leather-Mesh-fashion of the Reeperbahn?”, asks the “today Xpress”-a presenter. “Or inspired the red light district in Amsterdam?”

Specifically, you should mean with your criticism of Fischer’s last Outfit in the Film “can You Feel that?”. While she sings her Hit “roller coaster” and rolls around in paint and leather wrapped in an artificial puddle on the stage.

“Prostitution is not “offer” wow”

As Fans of Fischer, the moderator, Paroli and User Weber denounced for their alleged “Slut-Shaming”, from wich the TV-a woman not of their opinion. On the question of what is in fisherman’s Outfits “so bad,” replied the ZDF-presenter: “Apart from the fact that it clearly is occupied to a very limited male taste to it represents the venality of women. And young women suggests that it is “wow”. Prostitution is not “wow”. And their insignia is also not.”

As you are a Fan of fishing, but there are simply not looking, revealed Weber is another Annoyance: “I can’t Dodge. This came during the week, always as a Trailer in front of my news broadcasts.”

can you provide the Twitter User yet, so the forehead, Vogt remains of the view: “I still find it stupid.” (klm)