In “Music Impossible – Mein Song, dein Sound” hit icon Marianne Rosenberg and rapper Eko Fresh have to present their own songs in the sound of the other. The music experiment will be moderated by Tom Neuwirth, aka Conchita Wurst.

Music shows that focus on the production process of a song struggle with mainstream audiences. It’s kind of specialist stuff, musician talk. The general public, on the other hand, is only interested in the result. Or?

Unless you witness the human drama of singing coaching on a casting show and witness the failure or unexpected “rebirth” of a participant. Tom Neuwirth, who brought the ESC title to Austria as Conchita Wurst in 2014, stands as a queer man with a beard in female evening dresses for courageous crossing of borders.

As the host, “coach” and maker of the new ZDF show “Music Impossible”, he now brings together “fearless artists” who “interpret one of their big hits in the genre of the other person. Both of them don’t know who they’re meeting.”

Neuwirth, commuting between Berlin and Cologne in constantly changing elegant outfits, introduces the concept of the 50-minute show. At the start late Friday evening on ZDF, the Cologne rapper and actor Eko Fresh and hit queen Marianne Rosenberg met.

The structure of Neuwirth’s program is divided into three parts. At the beginning he visits both artists separately and introduces them. Both have no idea what genre and artist they’re going to get involved with. “I already know that it’s Dieter Bohlen,” says Eko Fresh, sounding like he’s serious about it. The rapper would actually be more interested in opera.

In the queer Berlin karaoke bar “Kumpelnest 3000”, where he has to perform Rosenberg’s “He belongs to me”, he finds out that things are different. It quickly becomes clear: the man has no singing voice! Maybe it’s a good thing that it wasn’t opera: “I can’t sing-sing that well, but it’s enough for a hook,” he apologizes. The fact that his job will be Marianne Rosenberg “honours” him – but it also makes the always friendly Rhinelander sweat.

Neuwirth kidnaps Marianne Rosenberg to a burger bar on Boxhagener Platz. Hip-hop sounds dominate there. “You’re not doing bushido to me, are you?” asks la Rosenberg in fear. “Rap isn’t really my shoe size.” When the name Eko Fresh was revealed, the hit icon didn’t even know the man from the Rhine. This is also a bit embarrassing for her, but she had “expected” this.

Part two of “Music Impossible” is entitled “The Producing”. You can see both artists working in the studio: Rosenberg relies on their usual producer, Eko Fresh and his producer get help from a friend of his Cologne carnival folk musicians. Both stars are allowed to choose their “workpiece” themselves: Eko Fresh relies on his big hit “Quotentürke” (from 2013, 18 million views on YouTube), Rosenberg on the rather unknown “Hallo mein Freund” from 2008, which changes with age grapples.

From minute 30 onwards the showdown: a live concert in front of an audience in Berlin. After an introductory song by Tom Neuwirth (“Paris”) – who of course also wants to “show himself” here – Eko Fresh first interprets his original song, in a shorter version, and then performs the new hit version in more detail. The same applies to Rosenberg afterwards.

Both productions sound professional, you smear honey on your beard afterwards, but Rosenberg’s version to Beats, which is sung rather than rapped, sounds somehow better, rounder. Eko Fresh is impressed, but still a little mocking: “She solved it cleverly by interpreting the new hip hop, in which there is more singing. I’m more old school.” In other words: he would have wished for less effect and a drier approach. However, hiding the fact that Eko Fresh can’t sing was the more demanding job in this somewhat uneven match.

“Music Impossible” is entertaining, if a little unsurprising. Three friendly camera and stage pros who are also well versed in all media waters don’t hurt each other. Incidentally, Marianne Rosenberg had forbidden the rapper to use Autotune: “Of course you can ‘tune’ everything, but that’s not allowed! I can hear that!” says the powerful-voiced diva in the run-up to production in the rapper’s face. There has to be a bit of meanness after all!

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