As reported by “Bild”, Helene Fischer’s Christmas show will have to be canceled a second time. Already last year, fans had to do without the gigantic show.

Last year, Helene Fischer’s Christmas show on ZDF was canceled due to the Corona requirements. But this year, too, her fans will have to do without the pop singer’s entertainment show during the holidays. The reason is again the pandemic, although most corona measures have now been overridden. As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the broadcaster wants to comment on the development, but the decision has actually been made for a long time.

The organizers of the Helene Fischer concert in Munich were recently criticized. The singer herself was not spared either. Fans also accuse the hit queen of playback. “Never again,” says an angry fan, “that playback shit there”. The organizer finds clear words for this: “The concert was definitely live”.

The comments under the organizer’s post are also teeming with criticism: “What was really bad: no security check. With 130,000 people, that’s not possible. You could have smuggled something in otherwise,” says one fan. Others agree: “Was anyone checked here? So we don’t. Pretty courageous with 130,000 peopleā€.

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