Zaxid (Ukraine): the Ukrainian calendar braces

the Proposals (“reason”) on the website of the Munich security conference — known to the public as “12 steps towards Moscow” — has caused a strong reaction in society. This is not surprising, because nobody wants to repeat the experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina, combined with the experience of Transnistria, even if the call is a melodious word “Finlandization”.

the company has responded, responded power responded to United States. The text was removed from the site, but the sediment, as they say, remained. In addition, it gave impetus to the supporters of the former President, after all, treason has not been canceled. Although, it seems, this “document” again quietly returned to the public.

of course, It is useful to have in the society an irreconcilable minority which will stand on guard of the Ukrainian interests. Who will carry “the city and the world” the simple truth: we will never surrender. Therefore, the option of such half settlement, half surrender is not an option, and calmer in the Schengen zone will not. And for the inner life of the country is necessary. To explain to the majority that we will not build here’s the scoop-Lite, because if “no difference” — then let us as human beings.

Another thing is that for this cohort, to a bitter minority, sometimes face (and it would be better to say — wriggle) characters with ambiguous reputation and dubious efficiency. But with access to TV.

I will Say more: sometimes what is presented to us as an implacable Ukrainian position is just a carbon copy of the Russian narrative. And here arises a logical question: if you “who cares” if you are such fervent opposition, then why your appeals are useless? Why in your paper, you can just change a few proper names and get the text that is ideal for followers of “DNI” or the “great Russia”?

for example, people’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko has called on residents of the Kuban to remember their independence, because 16 February 1918 was proclaimed the Kuban people’s Republic. The figure itself is quite effective antiagitatsiey, and competitors Peter, if you were a more honest people, ought at least to thank. But in this case he outdid himself, for it is impossible to attribute it to the zeal of a neophyte that of the defender of the Russian language in Odessa is reborn in a fiery nationalist. “Kuban is, in fact, another form of Ukrainian statehood. This territory is from time immemorial associated with Ukraine and Ukrainians. Our story cannot be complete without mention of the Kuban, Green, Crimson wedge and all other lands inhabited by Ukrainians.” Nothing like? About “native Russian land where Russian people live, without which it is impossible to imagine…”. Who is there, say, keen on Putin and trying to imitate him?

Another person who does not need separate representation — Rostislav Novozhenets, presented last year a map “Ukrainian Kuban” has forgotten this year. On the occasion, as if to say. “Only on one sheet of glossy paper historians were able to tell about the history of the Kuban people’s Republic. When moved to the Zaporozhye Cossacks, as they led their lives in foreign lands, which then become their own. Also describes how varied the ethnic composition of the population of the Kuban and in what areas lived Ukrainians”. This is a complete blank for “journalists” “Donbass-TV”, there are only some names change…

Wondering how I should treat the Russian “Cossacks” after all this? If the Ukrainian Cossacks, the Russian government abandoned to war “with the local population” — this great and heroic, then where is the difference with the “Cossacks” who come to the Donbass for the same purpose? Is this some kind of humanitarian mission? Convoys with children’s literature? Explain the leaders of the Ukrainian resistance! Give me a shot somehow, between the pathos of “aboriginal” and “heroism”.

the Contexta Ukrainian reporter asked Putin about the Ukrainian tanks in the KubanUNIAN: Putin responded to a question about the Ukrainian tanks on КубаниИноСМИ19.12.2019

Alexey Goncharenko, by contrast, declares that “the identity of the Kuban was erased as a result of criminal policy of brutal assimilation of the Kremlin, which he held to all the conquered peoples. This tradition of the Cossacks replaced the “mummers”. Because Cossacks can’t call yourself those who serves the Kremlin is fighting against the king and all who yearn for freedom. Russia — prison of peoples, and the Kuban will definitely be our “island of freedom”. Of course, for “liberty island” I want to say a prominent anti-Communist Goncharenko separate pioneer heartfelt “thank you”, but the Ukrainians, the assimilation of the conquered peoples, the Kremlin… If Cossacks can not be those who serve the king, then who were the Cossacks in the Kuban? And who conquered the people there? It’s hell, the citizens.

against this background, even the traditional celebration, primrosebest when the Soviet-Afghan war, look not so wildly. Although it’s pretty in Russian: Paphos international duty, courage and valor. What could be the tragedy if soldiers are sent for a few thousand miles to kill a local in another country?

So, no matter how super-duper the opposition was not such characters as would fearlessly they spoke with Russian propaganda, Ukrainian there’s nothing there. This is the classic “Russian world”. Even if he regularly “fighting for Ukraine”. Because “Ukraine” was all previous times, just the Ukraine were presented each in their own way. Medvedchuk Rabinovich, incidentally, is also “for Ukraine”.

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