My previous article on Kiev, unexpectedly received considerable popularity in the state aggressor. Obviously, most of the enemies like the phrase “the capital of Ukraine, unfortunately, is not simply a copy of Moscow and the worst version of Moscow where Moscow sores reductio ad absurdum”. At this point, I would have to come round and yell: “Oh no! What have I done? Now I will write only about the Europeanness of Kiev, where over ten-and-something million dollars, built a foot bridge with sheer panels!”.

just Kidding, of course. Moscow and Kiev — all given to him by nature and history, the capacity really turns into the worst and the most uncomfortable city in our state, who are ashamed to call that “face” and even “back of Ukraine”.

latest news: on Cherepanova hill is a majestic complex of structures Geological College (now owned by the KNU named after Taras Shevchenko) plan to build a shopping center. Let me explain for people who do not know the geography of the city: buildings in classical style are on the mountain, among the narrow streets, and so suffer from the “point” of high-rise buildings. It is clear that the SEC is tight “clog” the entire area. Not to mention the fact that poke shopping centers in the center instead of institutions of higher education — it’s not even Moscow, is a Kabul of some kind. Now imagine that Vienna is demolished by the University to build a Mall. Little seems? Still. In the next quarter it is planned the destruction of the prewar buildings Ukrkinokhronika. A Museum of Ukrainian cinema? Why! You can also build another skyscraper, which is so “little” in Kiev!

the ContextPleasure boats on the dock at the river station in KievZaxid: is Kiev — just a second-rate Moscow?Zaxid.net03.01.2020 Zaxid: “Vikings” series about the wild Russian, or the Bomb under the image УкраиныZaxid.net18.01.2020

the Kiev authorities (neither modern nor its predecessors) there is no comprehensive approach to the problems of the city. Building on the principle “who will give more money,” and most of the money given for land in the Central areas. If the locals are trying to protest — come good old “aunts”, who beat and intimidate activists. But the most expensive cost of land in Ukraine does not affect infrastructure development. Under the ultra-modern high-rise residential and office centers from time to time falls to the ground and pouring boiling water everywhere I go the broken-up Soviet vans Kyivvodocanal, and by the crooked and sagging ways of moving half-dead Czechoslovak trams of the 1970s years of manufacture. And none of the “transparent” bridge is unable to make this city even remotely similar to European cities — it looks more like a bright patch on the body.

And then one can argue endlessly whether underdeveloped Ukrainian government distorts Kiev, Kiev ugly reproduces itself in the form of the Ukrainian state. The fact is that the Metropolitan agglomeration attracts the top political, social and economic community throughout Ukraine, but it did not help neither the city nor the country as a whole. So, in Kiev, high wages and better job search — but the quality of life while slowly and surely reduced. But fgovernmental “experts” regardless of their position grow rose-colored glasses — and they cease to see in Kiev and the rest of the country. Recently, such “experts” in the article “Ukrainian truth” championed by high excise duties on the import of used cars from abroad, citing the example of Singapore. Yes, Singapore is a city state, is a good example for Ukraine, outside of Kiev where life does not exist, and if there is, then why? We need to ban cars available to the residents of remote villages, which runs one bus every two days in order to only respectable gentlemen in the city center five minutes less standing in traffic jams!

There are many States in which the positive change started from the capital and went to the province. There are also examples of the opposite: while the province has developed due to such changes in the “enemy” capital. Unfortunately, the current Kiev as a mental space and the urban as a socio-political environment turns rather bad into something even worse, and the end-edge it is not.

So I absolutely no matter how to use my words propagandists “behind the curb” — I want to have my opinion heard in Ukraine. Kiev — a big city of our state. And “treatment” of Kiev should be directed the efforts of the Ukrainian people — because without him to build a modern European Ukraine is hardly possible.

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