Zatulin told about love Lukashenko

“It’s manipulation”: the so-called first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin today’s meeting of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Minsk. Pompeo visited the Belarusian capital as part of their Eurasian tour.

At the us state Department the purpose of the visit described the desire to “emphasize the US commitment to a sovereign, independent, stable and prosperous Belarus,” and also reaffirm the commitment to the normalization of bilateral relations. In particular, Pompeo confirmed that the United States will soon appoint its Ambassador to Belarus. Since 2008, the two countries diplomatic mission headed by a chargé d’affaires.

among other things, Lukashenko praised Pompeo that after “absolutely baseless misunderstandings of the past authorities,” dare to come to Minsk and to assess “what is here for the people, what people, what kind of dictatorship, what democracy is there, a lot of it or a little”. The Belarusian leader jokingly said: the dictatorship in his country “is different because everybody is off on Saturday and Sunday, and the President works.”

According to Pompeo, during his talks with Lukashenka discussed the possible role of Washington in the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

According to Zatulin, than the problem of relations between Russia and Belarus, the more US desire to use it, and some time and desire in Belarus itself “to play at the same time, demonstrating to Moscow that light a wedge on it did not converge”.

However, he says, to turn Belarus to the USA “a lot of things should happen in the United States including”. No tragedy in improving relations between the US and Belarus Zatulin sees. Moreover, the deputies of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, he advocated to Belarus normalize relations with the United States, the West and the world, said Zatulin RIA Novosti.

as for the “games around the oil”, that is, according to Rossiisogo Deputy, “ridiculous”: Pompeo “is not an oil dealer”, and Lukashenka’s “only interested in the fact that we’re scared is not a joke”.

At a press briefing following their talks in Minsk, Pompeo said the U.S. is ready to supply energy of Belarus in the required quantities. However, existing since 2006, U.S. sanctions against some Belarusian enterprises still remain in force, although the progress in relations between Washington and Minsk is.

According to Zatulin, for the West, Lukashenko in Belarus, like Shevardnadze in Georgia — just the elements of the chessboard, which at any moment can be removed and replaced with a more unspotted from the point of view of Western countries political credit history.

According to Zatulin, Alexander Lukashenko, “on good love Belarus”, which “does not allow him to see things more objectively”.

on the Eve of Mike Pompeo for the first time during the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky official visit to Kiev. In the Ukrainian capital city the head of the state Department held talks with the Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko and President of the Square.