an integrated System of protection of borders of the country, which will enable single point control control up to 300 kilometers, creating the Belarusian border guards on the Ukrainian direction of the frontier “family”. Such a principle and method of protection of the border, according to the Chairman of the state border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo, the former Soviet Union yet.

the Technical development of the means of monitoring the security perimeters of the country, he said, cited by BelTA, allow us to constantly introduce new forms and technologies, to equip the so-called “smart border”. Lappo said, in particular, that in the past year we have introduced the complex “Kamenny Log”. It is possible to complete the construction of infrastructure on the Baltic borders, and currently is the construction of two objects in the Ukrainian direction.

by the Way, last year, according to the state border, in the Republic equipped with more than 58 new frontiers of protection. There was over 90 kilometers of fences. More marked 548 kilometers of the border with Ukraine. In addition, the work is carried out and within the Polesie state radiation and ecological reserve. Special attention is paid to the boundary part and the “exclusion zone”, where her safety is achieved primarily by technical means.

that the borders of Belarus is securely controlled by the men in green caps who today celebrate their professional holiday, they say, and the reports statements. Only in 2019, the guards independently and in cooperation with law enforcement authorities stopped two dozen channels of illegal migration, detained 32 their organizer and facilitator, said the Agency. But only for violation of the legislation on the state border detained about four thousand people. Uncovered and foiled 18 channels of contraband of drugs withdrawn from illegal trafficking and transport across the state border more than tons of drugs.