news Agency “Fars”: the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic Mohammad Javad Zarif recently interviewed by the Lebanese television station “al-Mayadin” about the consequences of the death of the commander of the unit IRGC Kasama Soleimani.

In this interview, describing the personal qualities of the commander, he called him a man of “exceptional courage”, and also noted the quality of a strategist who could predict the future.

Zarif said he was “extremely bitter” to hear the news of the death of the commander, but at the same time, he expressed the opinion that this terrorist act carried out under the guidance of Donald trump, will inevitably lead to the end of the US military presence in the middle East.

the Minister said that the act of the President of the United States will not be left without consequences, and the latter will certainly be punished in accordance with the law. The Minister added that the United States was even more “Zionist government” than the government of Israel, as it provided the last part of the so-called “deal of the century” even more than he wanted.

According to the Minister, the presence of millions of people at the farewell ceremony with the commander, mass sorrow and tears were like a “debris flow of bitterness” that struck America, who decided on this inhumane act. Mass grief of such a huge number of people also showed that people saw in the deceased is not just a policy and not only a military leader but also someone who has spent his life sincerely serve the people.


At the beginning of the conversation, Zarif elaborated on the personal qualities of the General, which it would seem, are not the attributes of a military leader: he called him a “man of humble and modest.” However, he said that he saw a few people underdetailed courage and willpower. In addition, according to Zarif, he was also a man of exceptional kindness and amazing efficiency. As a military leader, he was not only courageous, he always cared for his subordinates; but of civil people, he cared and worried about their fate even more than people in uniform. Repeatedly it was so that he even stopped military operations when any danger could threaten the civilian population.

Zarif said that the commander whenever under his command committed a military operation, apologized to the nearby civilian population even if none of them were affected. “He personally went around the house, inhabited by civilians, and before every family asked for an apology,” — said the head of the Iranian foreign Ministry. “As a strategist, he could predict the future, but as a politician, was very moderate. In addition, Mr. Soleimani has been extremely wise and empathetic person, including in the future. His forecasts were always correct, and everybody listened to him with the utmost seriousness,” added Zarif.

Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran called the victim Soleimani “a real soldier of peace in the region,” saying that the entire middle East, of course, lost the one who “for many years stood on guard of the world.” Zarif reiterated that his own work in many countries of the region, be it Afghanistan, Iraq, had to go to the authority and assistance of the commander. He confirmed that not be close to Soleimani, in Afghanistan in 2001 and failed to generate any semblance of national government. Because of the agreement between the different Afghan groups without authority and failed to achieve. It is in siLou merits of süleymaniye, practically in field conditions was able to lay the Foundation of the negotiation process, after which have already joined the diplomatic service. It is, in short, performed the work in the region, which could be seen by everyone. If we recall the events in Iraq, here Soleimani, not only led the fighting against the gangs of ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.), but also played a prominent role in the formation of a government of ethnic harmony. He rendered invaluable assistance to the Iraqi statesmen.

Zarif said: “My personal acquaintance with Soleimani began at a time when it was authorized to lead the special forces in the interests. I’m the same, though more diplomatically than militarily, but always worked in close contact with him, whether the situation in Bosnia, whether in Afghanistan or anything else. As I mentioned at the conference in Bonn I represented Iran commander Suleimani had command then the unit QUDS, and he held talks with many influential leaders of the different groups and made a great contribution to our common success.

[Question “al-Mayadin”: Soleimani also was then in Germany?— Answer: No.]. No, he was in Iran, in Bonn worked, we diplomats. In Afghanistan then, so the world was borne on two wings: diplomacy and resistance Forces. I honestly do not remember, went whether Soleimani then in Europe. But he knew Europe and Europeans. By the way, well he knew America and Americans.

When I think of the commander, I first of all come two things: it is his courage and his poise. These two qualities in him was exemplary. He never feared death and was not afraid of POGto ibot. He sometimes even walked the plank. But it happens in some out of stupidity, but others, as in the case of süleymaniye, it was only reasonable, thoughtful and logical steps. But, however, he was an extremely humble man. We almost always consistently met once a week, and always I had the opportunity to observe these two qualities. Where was his exceptional courage, there was also high intelligence, understanding and the deep understanding of the essence of what is happening”.

In regard to political affiliation Soleimani, Zarif said: “He really was a man above politics, or rather, just out of politics.” Yes, it is true, continued the commander, that many tried, and without any reason, to turn this national hero and finally the hero of the world, in any ordinary policy, but Sulejmani was actually above that. That is the example of Iraq and Syria, it became clear that the reason for the defeat in the end of IG in these countries played a role and the resistance of the people, but the command Soleimani. As in Iraq and in Syria. Of course, the killed commander has always recognized that the courage and resistance of the Syrian and Iraqi people in the first place won the IG.

the ContextGraffiti in front of the former U.S. Embassy in TehranJavan: Iran won the battle with the West over the middle ВостокJavan03.02.2020 Farda: Iran has proved that the era of a unipolar world завершиласьFarda01.02.2020 Milli gazete: killed the CIA officer responsible for the death of СулейманиMilli Gazete29.01.2020 In Iran killed by another commander: infighting, or the United States again? (Haber7)Haber723.01.2020 But undeniable personal merits and Soleimani in the organization of resistance and inspiration his everywhere — at least remember Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan: the city was already on the verge of falling, it’s already almost reconciled to it, but not Soleimani. It is actually one helped government forces to defend the city. Many accused Soleimani in narrow nationalism, in the most extreme and savage form — tribalism, but those who accuse, how then would they explain the presence of Soleimani in Kurdistan, among the Kurds fighting against ISIS? Or how they then can explain the presence and assistance Soleimani the resistance of the Arabs-the Palestinians?

it’s only his desire to resist tyranny and terrorism. Not only terrorist groups, but, alas, state terrorism, the most obvious example of which we have in the region is Israel’s policy. The fight against this evil in the name of peace and security throughout the vast region was by outstanding achievements in the activities of Suleimani.

In all this the victim was the commander, and he might even have been something else and more. More is probably the fact that Soleimani is not just helping the resistance, and did a great job for the sake of unification of different groups in the name of resistance to this evil. Contributed to the achievement of these groups compromise that they had not only General opinion, but could come to a common decision. And it really worked. Since the deceased was actually able to act in a word, conviction. We have seen how to Soleimani, nobody showed much interest in the fate of the region, and believe it especially there is nobody, while in süleymaniye all believed in his ability to persuade and to help find solutions to seemingly hopeless situations. Believed Iranian government officials and representatives of other countries in the region. And because he was a painPWM than just a military leader; he acted more as a wise strategist.

Zarif said that the news of the death of Cudamani was the most sad and the most sad he had ever hear in my entire life. According to the Minister, he still can’t forget that phone call when he called and told them what had happened with the commander.

It was the beginning of the sixth morning, he recalls. That is, three hours later, when Soleimani was gone. Mr Zarif called and said that he had killed the commander Soleimani and, with him, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and several accompanying persons, their friends. One of them was the one who was always accompanied by Soleimani: Husainpur Jafari. And he was also a model of modesty, endurance, and humanity. “It is hard for me to hear all this, says Zarif, but I had then to cope with emotions and continue to work. Besides, I like the official, it was necessary to articulate official position about the incident. At seven o’clock in the morning I already arrived at the Ministry of foreign Affairs. I began an unscheduled meeting with the participation of all deputies and key staff members. Had taken the necessary decisions.

And at noon began the meeting of the national security Council. First, in the presence of the Supreme leader of Iran, then in the usual composition. But in any case, it’s been very difficult moments, hours full of bitterness and sorrow. That day I was not able to go to visit family commander Soleimani. To go to my wife. The next day was a Saturday, and then I was able to travel to see his family and bring the loved ones our condolences. I again had to say about the friend I lost, and a father and a spouse — they are.”

Zarif Gave a characterization of PRotoshidama and political, not only from a human point of view, stressing that it was a terrorist attack prepared by the foreign government. According to the Minister, no intelligent person would decide. And trump, if this act actually brings an end to the US presence in the middle East. And that, although bitter to admit it, the victim Soleimani has achieved even more success than commander Soleimani. Only after the death of Soleimani we realized what was marked Soleimani in the hearts and souls of people, when they led the struggle against terror and occupation. Many dreamed that the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region will perform a certain mission.

Not all at once realized what it was. “But after his death we knew all this, said Zarif, we realized how she was moved by the millions of people in and outside the region — we understand the words of condolences to us of Iraq, India, Russia, Algeria, the States of Latin America! And because Soleimani, leaving a vivid memory of the fight, which he directed, has also contributed to understanding what dark matter here, worked here the United States.”

Regarding this Zarif said it was the state who committed a cowardly and despicable act, since his target was one man. All of their [U.S.] armed forces fought against one commander, who killed the most cowardly way. If you are with someone you are fighting, you should fight with the commander in the open field, not mean to kill him from the corner! But the US and its faithful satellites, Israel, and the other can not be expected, concluded Zarif. “I suppose, continues the Minister, this act of terrorism have demonstrated the essence of its policy in the region.

first, they showed that they are capable only of assassination and not a fair fight with the commander the open field, and secondly, the USA demonstrated to the Arab world that they are no mediators in the conflict between the Arab countries and the Israeli regime. They are just Zionists number two, and to an even greater extent than Israel itself. Mr. trump has loudly proclaimed about “the deal of the century”, but in fact, this is not a deal: he just gave into the hand of Israel, all that he wanted and even more! And shed pure blood of the Martyr Soleimani more overshadowed these two circumstances. And because I can explain my thought — the Martyr Colaianni, alas, proved to be more effective than General Soleimani!”

Zarif told, what made US, is an act of state terrorism. That is the act which commits the country-terrorist. Country-terrorist, because for years the US are engaged in economic terrorism against Iran. And even now they dared to terrorism the cultural — as trump said something about the destruction of “objects that have value for Iran”. And the Islamic Republic of Iran to hold trump accountable and for the economic terrorism because it threatens to destroy a whole people by famine, and the cultural terrorism, as it threatens the destruction of cultural monuments that are world heritage, and the state terrorism, because they organized the murder of the statesman. Public opinion Iran has already acknowledged trump’s guilty on these three counts. And, God willing, his guilt is admitted and in other instances, expressed the hope that the head of the diplomatic agencies of Iran.

Zarif said it was no coincidence that on the prosecution. Because in his interview he said that in spite of all existing obstacles and constraints, since we are talking about prosecuting the President of another country, Iran will use all possible availableosti. Starting treatment in the domestic courts. Zarif said that holding consultations with legal experts of the international relations Department. His office cooperates with all who are competent in this matter, in order to qualify the incident as a terrorist act against the officials, the commander of one of divisions of the Iranian armed forces. And expressed confidence that “with the help of God” will be found the most effective way to draw trump to justice.

In relation to actually the nationwide mourning of the deceased, which occurred during the funeral of commander Soleimani, the Minister of foreign Affairs said: “We really were expecting something similar. But what took place during the farewell with the commander, it really is something unprecedented, unparalleled in modern history. And in Tehran, and Ahwaz, and Abadan, and in Mashhad, and finally in Kerman. After all, many already knew that the ceremony could not accommodate everyone, but the people walked and walked, and walked, almost deliberately, on his death, to Express condolences over the death of a military commander. A genuine humanitarian disaster, which occurred accidentally and deliberately at the same time… it was just impossible to believe.”

Zarif also noted that the death of Soleimani was mourned by the whole nation in the true sense of the word, as in the mourning ceremonies were attended by people with different political views, even the opponents of the Islamic form of government in the country. Thus, the people showed that they were mourning not politics, but, above all, the one who served the Motherland. Mr. Pompeo, said Zarif, spoke on this occasion something stupid: he said that people “dancing in the streets of Tehran and Baghdad. And the people “told him what it was BEAski”. And that, above all, Americans will have to commit. In our opinion, the U.S. has shed genuine mudflow, consisting of tears, of popular anger and indignation, as the supporters of the Islamic regime, and those few who at that moment was about to take to the streets to protest, but because of this, people’s anger became even stronger, and has become a protest against the policy of the United States. And now nobody remembers the protests against the Republic!”

At the end of the interview, Zarif said and what any way it was impossible not to say that the deceased meant for neighboring Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “we Cannot underestimate just how much did Soleimani in the fight against ISIS as committed to eradicating terrorism, he helped and supported the Syrian people and helping to rebuild the country. Also in Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been close to the Lebanese people, always helped the Resistance, and the same thing always did and Soleimani. He always, as I had a special respect for the Lebanese people and its leader, the Imam, hojat-ol-Islam Hassan Nasrallah. He was always convinced that only the Lebanese people, along with its leader, the party of Hezbollah and other groups that serve the people, only they have the authority to determine the future of Lebanon”.

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