Zapashny told about serious problems in the circus

Edgar Zapashny told what the serious problems faced by the circus during a pandemic coronavirus. According to the Director of the Great Moscow circus, the animals feed ends and in fact it means death.

Zapashny cited the example of the circus “Du Soleil”, which reduced 90% of its employees, but he can’t do it. In a catastrophic situation are the structures associated with animals, and it’s not just the circus. The Director began to ask for help to the local people, quoted zapashnogo

The state believes the trainer has to pay attention to such organizations, otherwise there will be irreparable things will start to die animals.

I am well aware that professional and honest people will take the latter, but will not allow animals to suffer. So it was at all times. A vivid example — the Leningrad zoo, which survived even the siege. People continued to care for the animals, although the situation was terrible: people had nothing to feed — said Zapashny.

He added that many of his colleagues are in isolation along with Pets. There is another problem: our four-footed actors recovered during forced idleness.

Earlier reported that were forced to closed due to prevention of the spread of coronavirus private Russian circuses in need of government assistance. This was reported by General Director of the Bolshoi Moscow state circus on Vernadsky Prospekt Edgard Zapashny.