Zapashny proposed to punish the media for the Chinese

Edgard Zapashny said: one news resource published improbable that from a circus allegedly brought a group of Chinese tourists just because they are Chinese and can be carriers of coronavirus. “We gave a denial, but it published only two media. Of course, because the negative is more interesting than positive information,” said Zapashny. And shared their conversation with Yevgeny Petrosyan, who can not do anything destructive against him and his family. “This people’s artist, honoured, old man!” – emotionally summed up Zapashny.

then Sergey Shnurov said that the insult to the stars is a world trend.

“We live in times postprime when people are in virtual reality and are not interested in their lives, and worried about Petrosian, hate Dzhigarkhanyan, who once loved, – said Cord. – I was vilified and deservedly and undeservedly millions of times. If you go to media, you have to be prepared for that. How many rumors about Putin! Although he has all the service he could to clear them out (rumors “MK”), but can’t”.

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