Well-known trainers brothers of zapashnye have participated in the ice cream is for children.

In social networks there were protests – people positioning themselves animal rights activists claim that animal trainers torture animals in the circus, so you can’t trust them something to advertise for kids.

In the program of Yuri Grymov and Svetlana Andrievskaya on the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Edgard Zapashny said that there are animal rights activists – people who really care about our smaller brothers, and “Toshiba”, and these are very different people.

“Worse than a fool, as my father said, only a fool with initiative. Just a week ago, my brother and more than a ton of feed brought in four dog shelter. And then to the four shelters piled these toxitity with the wording: now let you zapashnye and help. They do not care for dogs. Then refused to help the dogs that are now starving,” said he.

In the opinion of the trainer, so people are more important than their own

principles, rather than the fate of animals.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Edgard Zapashny told what the serious problems faced by the circus during a pandemic coronavirus.

According to the Director of the Great Moscow circus, the animals feed ends and in fact it means death.