Jasmina Meier* was until recently a long-time client at Zalando. No cost for shipping, pay on invoice, this combination had it done to her. That was until the day Zalando on immediate payment insisted.

you asked the retailer, but is consoled with a standard answer: “On the release of the payment types is a special automated test method, we can manually exert any influence to decide.” How the method looks, didn’t want to Zalando betrayed her.

Still remains the Switzerland of order

spared The business when the Internet dealer goes swimmingly. However, the shipping costs for returns, press increasingly on the profit. More than half of the orders are now sent back. In addition, The average order value fell in all 17 countries where Zalando is present, 65 francs in the year 2017 to 59 Swiss francs last year.

For Zalando’m going to be a Problem, says Thomas Lang. He is the boss of Carpathia, a consulting company for digital shops, and connoisseur of Zalando Switzerland. “In the case of an order about 20 to 30 francs, logistics, postage and return remains for Zalando, after deducting costs nothing.”

This cost wants to get Zalando better in the handle, therefore, the retailer has introduced in four countries a minimum order value. In Switzerland, not yet. You will but “take measures whenever these are necessary,” said the group recently to the “handelszeitung”.

All bills paid

In the past few weeks, several customers have reported when observers Were no longer able to order as Jasmina Meier on the invoice. “I have always taken care meticulously, I pay my bills immediately, and no arrears have,” says Meier.

The confirmed data information about your buying behavior, which it has obtained for free about yourself. According to this Meier ordered in the past four years, 287 articles at Zalando, and was only reminded eight times, but has paid all of the bills.

Not only credit decisive

Zalando decides who should and should not be ordered on account. The credit check but the group of the internationally active credit reporting Agency Crif Bürgel can perform. It clarifies how large is the probability that a customer of his payment obligation. For this, they calculate a score value, for the data, such as date of birth, gender, value of the shopping basket, address, duration of residence, and payment behavior are evaluated.

The local branch of the Crif Bürgel provides this data also for the Swiss economy database Teledata available, sells, against payment, information about the companies and private persons, and their credit. But the data are not always correct. In the case of Jasmina Meier, such as a telephone number, and date of birth is not correct, your credit rating is considered high.

in addition to credit, other factors, such as ordered Goods, payment behavior, or Return to decide which payment options a customer be granted. “This can result also in the case of a constant credit to the different number types to be offered,” is it at Crif Bürgel.

Too many returns

Because in the case of Jasmina Meier nothing else has changed, is clear: it has to sent a lot of packages back. “This is a possible measure, and apply online shop with the Much-Retournierern,” says E-Commerce consultant Thomas Lang.

How many returns is too much, does not reveal Zalando. The Internet retailer says: “On the Basis of a variety of information that can not be named for safety reasons, the release of certain types of payment in the order process. This is not related directly to persons.”

This answer was Jasmina Meier to put it bluntly. “If I can’t order on the invoice, I will no longer shop at Zalando.” If Zalando has achieved his goal, is doubtful.

* the Name has been changed

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