In the United States happened a national tragedy in the human rights area, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the ongoing US mass protests over the murder of black George Floyd. History puts everything in its place, the diplomat said, stressing that in her words there is no malice.

the Footage spread all over the world, is appalled and frightened, said Zakharova live YouTube-channel “Soloviev LIVE”. According to the representative of the foreign Ministry, she feels a sense of compassion for the people who are tearing such terrible contradictions, and sincerely sympathizes with the Americans. It’s a national tragedy that uncovered what they probably didn’t want neither to talk nor to listen to, and what you taught the whole world, and it is a tragedy in the human rights area, in the same region, which they always considered themselves resolved and hassle-free, said Zakharov. “Leadership in the human rights area, which they themselves attributed, was not the leadership”, – TASS quoted the diplomat.

foreign Ministry spokesman recalled that in 2018, the United States withdrew from the Council on human rights (HRC) of the United Nations. This step Zakharov explained that in Washington, apparently, understand what is happening in their own state. She noted that the American human rights organizations in the first days after the murder, Floyd was very restrained in the estimates of what is happening.

Recall that in Minnesota and some other States this week began with mass protests and riots. Uncontrolled reaction from the citizens was followed by a hard arrest on Monday, American police officers 46-year-old local resident George Floyd. He died during a brutal arrest of a white policeman Derek Savinon. Authorities are investigating the incident. Showin charged with manslaughter.