Zakharova: the Situation around COVID-19 has become a test for humanity

“In principle, the situation with the pandemic coronavirus is a real test of humanity, including in international Affairs. This is a test of our ability to remain human in the most difficult moments. It is the ability and willingness not only each individual, but in General States to act responsibly and in solidarity in conditions of new global challenges that transcend national borders,” – said Zakharov.

She also noted that sometimes solidarity is a substitute for national or ideological interests, and some States, claiming the “world hegemony, and exclusivity”, showing the real selfishness. Now is the best time to countries that call themselves world leaders, has shown this leadership and became an example of how to provide economic support and dignity to face the new challenges. However, no one does, said Zakharov. In proof of his words, she recalled the recent decision of the IMF to provide assistance to Venezuela in the fight against COVID-19 due to the fact that some member countries do not recognize the government of President Maduro.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti the Doctors announced the time of appearance of the vaccine for coronavirus

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the people of Venezuela is no different from other peoples of the world and he, too, needed help, but instead, it only receives new statements from Western countries about the new antigenically sanctions.

Zakharov also urged Russians to return home from abroad before the end of operating tours. It is also recommended not to buy a new one. The diplomat noted that in different countries the practicevirtually every hour introduce new quarantine measures, including restrictions on movement, delays or even closure of the border. Therefore, to predict it wouldn’t be the tourist trap due to new regulations, very difficult. As an example, Zakharova recalled about the situation with the Russians due to the cancellation of flights literally “stuck” in the Philippines and cannot return home. Thus, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, some tour operators still sell tours to the Philippines, and people continue to buy them. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry also noted that today the problems with air travel have, in some countries of Latin America, Montenegro, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, the Philippines, and also in Moldova.