The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova have compared the attempts of some citizens to vote on amendments to the Constitution several times with the “attraction fantastic greed.” She announced this on his page in Facebook on Monday, June 29.

— Remember: for “the world is a fantastic attraction of greed,” deserves a reward. In the film “Big change” it was about two ounces. Adjusted for inflation, the result may be a bit more mundane — she wrote.

Earlier media reported that the inhabitant of Israel who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, voted three times for amendments to the Constitution in electronic form, at the Embassy of the Russian Federation and tel Aviv, and the Consulate in Haifa.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution

A nationwide vote on the constitutional amendments was originally scheduled for April 22. In the main law of the country it was proposed to make changes regarding the introduction of new requirements imposed by the President, Cabinet members and state officials of different level.

In addition, fixed social security, changing the terms of reference of the Parliament. Another amendment would allow the incumbent President to participate in the new elections for the chief Executive position of the country.

Later, the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the vote for adjustments to the basic law of the country postponed indefinitely in connection with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

June 1, the President stated that the date of voting on amendments to the basic law of the country appointed on 1 July. While all participants will be provided with protective masks and gloves, they will also be given a disposable pen. To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 will take a number of measures for safety of citizens. You can vote from 25 June to 1 July.