Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Sunday, 24 may, the TV channel NTV announced that the United States, setting forth new claims against Russia under the Treaty on open skies (DON) was not even going to discuss them.

“the United States every six months came up with new explanations, which was preparing public opinion for their actions. They said that they have a lot of claims to Russia. Each time it was a new claim, they could do nothing to either confirm and, most importantly, within the existing mechanism is not even going with us to discuss,” she said.

On exit the DON declared the President of the United States Donald trump, the decision will come into force six months from may 22. The American leader made a new agreement, and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a return of Washington to the document in the case, “if Russia will return to full compliance” with its terms.

trump’s Decision was criticized by members of Congress, stressing that such a step would only weaken the country’s position in the sphere of national security and isolate it from the cases, because the instrument will continue without the participation of Washington.

the Russian foreign Ministry has demanded explanations from the American side, on their basis, Moscow will build its position on this issue. At the same time Russia confirms its intention to implement the Treaty on open skies (DON), whose fate after the unilateral US withdrawal will be decided at the conference the participating countries, announced on Friday, may 22, at the permanent mission of Russia to NATO.

On the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, reducing strategic offensive arms and the other.