Sergey Zagraevsky died in the beginning of this week. For fans and friends of the artist, his departure was a real shock. However, how did you find out “MK” star show “Let them talk” foresaw the tragedy. The heart of the academician of the Academy of fine arts settled on 56 year of life.

Official representative Sergei — Olga Ozolina told “MK” about the will of the artist and how to survive the loss of relatives.

“he was a unique person, has done a lot in life, never waste any time – start, Olga. – Now I understand why… In art, in science, in literature, he did what no one before him did. He wrote of paintings, books, scientific works by its own rules. Sergei himself had created the rules and even new systems (such as the rating of artists).”

– Sergey was afraid of creative crisis?

– Not afraid and did not look to others… Loved and knew poetry, read a lot, his memory was like a computer. Easy to learn languages in General can easily assimilate all new.

he had a “bad” feeling?

– he Probably knew that he would leave early in recent years he introduced and made friends of all children. Now all of his heirs to support each other and his mother, who is 87 years old. Sergey took care of everything and left a will.

– I can only imagine what it feels Inna (John’s mom).

She is a very courageous woman. Small, but great. Kept willpower. The energy performance of Sergei — all from mom. It promises a new cycle of poems. Will publish on its website. In autumn planned an exhibition of works by Sergei. It is a pity that there is no one to continue scientific research dad Sergey (Wolfgang Kawelmacher was an architect-restorer). But Sergei, that no one did.

the details of the will known?

I Know for sure that in the will he did not forget. Details we will tell the notary. Last will, as any of the Creator: “To remember”. According to his will, will continue his business.

Cause of death known?

Yes, but the diagnosis may sound only with the consent of the heirs. One thing I can say is the heart.

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