Yuriy Semin: We must finish this season for the fans

Russian football took a break. Officially until April 10, however, the situation may occur so that the championship will resume in may. Or the season is not finished.

In the days of the capital “locomotive” has announced that the team goes into quarantine and will conduct training online. To monitor the training of their players will be highly experienced Yuri Semin. Helmsman “railwaymen” even in these difficult times, remains optimistic. He believes that sooner or later the world will conquer coronavirus. And the fans will be back on the podium and will be rooting for their favorite clubs.

Yuri Pavlovich, how to live a “locomotive” in these difficult times?

Yuri Syomin: Before leaving for the quarantine we were training. But we had such a mode – base house. And nowhere else. The players are adults and understand that in crowded places it is better not to go. But now the solution is quarantine. And we fully comply with all the rules.

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti Sergey Pryadkin did not rule out that the season in RPL will be completed ahead of schedule

I Have an idea to finish ahead of the European Championships. Agree with this option?

Yuri Syomin: I think so: we, like all of our country must fight and defeat the virus. And much to the delight of fans, to finish the championship. But if this does not happen, and the remaining tours will not be conducted – there’s nothing we can do about it. These decisions will definitely not be accepted by us.

now What happens with the transfer-season? Headache, you will be added.

Yuri Syomin: Is life. We need to all situations to react quickly and correctly. Sometimes it changes very quickly. But long it could not continueXia. After bad always comes good. My mood is optimistic. Still in the future, we will rejoice. We live with positive emotions, they are more remembered. Let’s hope for the best.

the Decision to postpone the championship correct?

Yuri Syomin: of Course. There are people who are responsible for the health of the population. And they know better. I now remember the phrase Didier Deschamps: “Now the most important game against coronavirus. And we have to win.” Ready to repeat these words. In such moments you feel the role played great football in human life. Here we always have enough pessimists who constantly criticize our championship players. And now I meet people and they complain that there is nothing to see and regret the suspension of the Premier League. Talk about football there, but the matches are not held. That upsets the fans.

In the first three rounds in the spring “the locomotive” has typed seven points, although rivals was not easy. How is it managed?

Yuri Syomin: Easy opponents in the championship of Russia and does not happen. Teams fighting for survival, sometimes even more dangerous than direct competitors. As for our results, it is necessary to praise the players. They did a great job. In all three matches the boys were motivated and concentrated. We managed great to prepare for the season, and hence such a return.

Yuri Syomin: is Now a major match – against the coronavirus. And we need to win

You mentioned several times that the “locomotive” not enough beginners. But maybe such a truncated group of players to work with?

Yuri Syomin: Our composition must be more. The command applying for high places, must consist of high level players. During the season injuries happen, some other factors. Because for the coach, it is important that he had various options.

Not surprised Grzegorz Krychowiak during the entire season playing almost without a bust?

Yuri Syomin: I’m not surprised. Krychowiak oversees the physical condition, knows his body. Sometimes, he asks for his release from training to fully recover. I’m going to meet him, because I believe in it. He is an experienced player and knows how to prepare for matches. Krychowiak did a great job in training camp, hasn’t missed a single workout. Neither because of injuries or because of some other circumstances. Because he is in perfect shape.

Since your return to the “Lokomotiv” Alex Miranchuk has changed?

Yuri Syomin: He matured. And in all. I would like Anton. The brothers become stronger physically, more confident. And now they – one of the key figures in “the Locomotive” and throughout our League.

in the Winter he could move to Italy. Motivational issues in the “Locomotive” he has no?

Yuri Syomin: of Course not. And why do they have to have it? As soon as the player has no motivation, it degrades. And this process is very difficult to stop. Alex extremely motivated at each training session and game.

Photo: RIA Novosti Chinese doctor told me about the coronavirus, quarantine and “Spartacus”

In Russia this season, there is a system VAR. It’s more benefit or harm?

Yuri Syomin: such things should be treated with the utmost readiness. There are no details. I now believe that in the first step the VAR can be put to foreigners. So they taught us how to work the system. It would be more correct. But overall, I’m positively to the video replays. They help the judges.

In recent years, more and more talk about the possible expansion of the Premier League to 18 teams. What do you think about this idea?

Yuri Syomin: Russia is a huge country, we have many beautiful stadiums. If all clubs are financial guarantee contracts if the players would be respected – I only extension. There will be more matches, more goals, interesting events.

Based on the results of the Russian teams in the Champions League there is no sense that three of our club in the main European Cup – too much?

Yuri Syomin: No. Let’s really look at things: “the locomotive” under any circumstances was unlikely to beat Juventus or Atletico Madrid. They are better in all respects: composition, financial capacity. Here everything in the complex. But we got huge experience of playing at times on an equal footing with the giants of world football. Is it bad? Our fans have seen stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, coach Diego Simeone. I think, sometimes I need to fill the cones to move on.

After the departure of Zenit from the Champions League Andrey Arshavin offered return to system “autumn-spring”. Would it be right?

Yuri Syomin: Andrew played football at a high level. I was captain, played for Arsenal. He knows the League and has the right to Express their opinion. And for him to listen.

Dossier “RG”Yuri Pavlovich Semin

Born on 11 may 1947 in Orenburg. Football career began in the team “Spartak” from eagle. In 1965, Semin has attracted the attention of Kiev “Dynamo” and Moscow “Spartak”.

the Young player chose the “red and white” where he spent two seasons. In 1966 in a match against Serbian OFK in the UEFA Cup winners ‘ Cup Semin scored the first two goals of the “red-whites” in the history of the European Cup. The only trophy as a player he won in 1970, becoming the owner of the USSR Cup in structure “Dynamo”from Moscow.

Coaching career began in 1982. The greatest success was achieved in the early 2000s with “the Locomotive”. Yuri Semin twice led the Muscovites to the championship four times won the Cup of Russia and once in the super Cup.

as a coach, Semin won the championship and Cup of Ukraine, working in Kiev “Dynamo”. In the summer of 2016 Semin for the fourth time headed the “locomotive” and the following year won the Cup of Russia. Since then, he has led “red-green” one victory in a country Cup, and also won the championship and the Cup of Russia.