Yulia Lipnitskaya

the 22-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya for the first time became a mother. This news she shared in her instagram. The girl called an unusual name, Catalina, was born a month ago, but its birth Julia told only today.

Catalina. Today we month— posted by Julia post under a photo on which poses with a girl and her lover Vlad Tarasenko.

Julia Lipnitskaya and Vlad Tarasenko with his daughter Catalina

About the pregnancy, the former figure skater became known in mid-June. The news that she is expecting a child, said sports agent Andrei Mitkov. A day after confirmed this information, noting that she wanted to talk about it later, but it was ahead of.

Vlad (the father of the child. — Approx. ed.) had to talk about this event on one of the channels that had the exclusive on the news. But here intervened, it is unclear why and by what right, a gentleman, with whom at the time because of his dishonesty has stopped cooperation Yuliya Efimova, Elena ilinykh and Sergei Polunin she said.

Vlad Tarasenko and Yulia Lipnitskaya

the father of the child was 22-year-old ex-skater Vlad Tarasenko, with whom Lipnitskaya found for several years. According to rumors, their affair began before the victory Lipnitskaya at the Olympics in Sochi, where she won the gold medal in the team competition.

Tarasenko and football team, coached by Eteri Tutberidze and her team they left at about the same time. Now, together with the sweetheart, which finished my career in 2017 after a long struggle with anorexia, he works as a trainer at “the Academy of Champions ilinykh — Lipnitskaya”.