Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a greeting to Olympic champion figure skater Alina Zagitova congratulating her on her 18th birthday.

Russia’s head of state hailed the incredible records she has registered during her stunning career, which have led to her becoming the most decorated figure skater in the country.

You’ve…carried on [our] legendary traditions of national figure skating. Despite your tender age, you have achieved high results, winning major awards, including an Olympic gold. I’m confident that your talent, fantastic working capacity, and desire to win will always help you in sport and life. I wish you new victories and success,” the message said.

The reigning world and Olympic champion, who has won all possible titles in figure skating, thanked the president for his birthday wishes, sharing a photo of the telegram on her Instagram page.

Last year, Zagitova put her sporting career on hold, stressing she wanted to take a break from competing.

Публикация от Alina Zagitova (@azagitova)18 Май 2020 в 2:36 PDT

The skater denied press speculation over her possible retirement, promising to come back to the ice when she feels she can fight again for a podium place.