Unidentified human remains found in the car

An YouTuber who is scuba diving has discovered a car that was connected to the cold disappearance two Tennessee teens, who disappeared without a trace 21-years ago.

According to reports, the vehicle was submerged into a river.

Unidentified human remains were also discovered in the Pontiac Grand Am black late last month. Jeremy Beau Sides of YouTube’s channel “Exploring with Nug”, discovered the car Erin Foster (18) and Jeremy Bechtel (17) were thought to have been travelling in that night, WTVF-TV of Nashville reported.

They were last seen leaving Bechtel’s house on April 3, 2000.

Despite extensive investigations by the White County Sheriff’s Office, Sparta, Tennessee investigators, they were unable to find any leads regarding the location of the teens.

Sides found the car in the water with the help of sonar, and the advice of the sheriff about where to search the nearby Calfkiller River.

WTVF reported that the human remains would be sent to WTVF for genetic testing and analysis of dental records if it is possible.

Although they are not yet positively identified, their families were notified.

Sides’ YouTube channel says he dives in “rivers and lakes recovering lost or stolen property, clean up the waterways, and help bring closures to families in need.” He has more than 138,000 subscribers.

“It was very small town. Two teenagers went missing, and no one knows their whereabouts. These kids were known by everyone. They went to school together, you know,” Sides said WTVF. They were good friends with the guys and half of the police officers who went to school with them. It was an amazing feeling to be able to provide so much closure and information to so many people. It meant a lot for me, and I’m sure it meant a lot for all of them.

In a statement, Sheriff Steve Page stated that he told Sides that he was searching in the wrong place after Foster’s family asked him to view one of his YouTube videos. This video is from the time he started looking for missing teens.

“The man changed his location to Hwy 84, Calfkiller River on 11/30/2021 where he later discovered a vehicle and called Sheriff Page,” he wrote in the statement posted to Facebook . “Sheriff Page called Major John Meadows, and his team arrived on scene in minutes to investigate. This led to the confirmed match.