Step 1: the diet

Who respects a healthy and balanced diet is aiming for, the best, as he fills his plate and that he is drinking enough (approx. 2 liters of water). make sure For healthy adults who want to keep their weight stable, the ratio was as follows:

2/5 of the plate Thickness of a side dish like bread, rice, pasta, rice, Corn, potatoes, etc., 2/5 of the plate vegetables and Salat1/5-of-plate protein supplier, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, Tofu, Quorn, etc.

you Want to lose weight, however, changes the distribution in the following way:

½ of the plate vegetables and Salat¼ of the plate Stärkebeilage¼ of the plate protein supplier

So it’ll work with the weight loss: the 21-day principle, instead of torment diet. We give tips and ideas on how to keep track of his weight-loss goal in the long term and easily in the next Bikini season can start.


step 2: burn fat

How do you get the best of fat reserves read? In order to get successful and fast a Bikini figure, you need a double strategy:

With short, sharp Exercises ensure that the body builds fast muscle fibers and it the fat reserves supports. By the way: muscles consume in your sleep a lot of calories, which will also be mined predominantly from fat.
The fat-burning workout: training units of 90 minutes and more – without serving between meals. Any intake of carbohydrates stops the fat combustion. Fat burning can be optimized further by consuming two to three weeks of daily no more than 80 grams of carbohydrates.

But watch out, those who train to much, it burns quickly once instead of fat are muscles.

step 3: Daily for at least 16 hours fasting

anyone Who wants to lose weight, you must not count calories, but Zero-food-Intermezzo loading. Anyone who gives up in between on the food, it activates the Gene that repairs our cells, prevents illnesses and prolongs the life of the. Alternatively, it is recommended that the hours of fasting. In the case within 24 hours, eaten a certain length of time, nothing, 16, 18 or 20 hours. But – a big help – the night you eat anything anyway, include.

This diet principle is easy: in the 16:8 method (Eight-hour-diet) limited to the food for a period of eight hours a day. The best way to start the day with a glass of water and herbal tea, because the body has to get used to periods without food.

The intermittent fasting is also therefore attractive, since it pretends to be, in principle, no restrictions on food, in contrast to many other diets that ban all sorts of things. Feasting is allowed, as long as the permitted time is eaten. With the Intermezzo-fasting the diet changes also “automatically” in the direction of a healthy and balanced diet. The end does not feel mentally less “I should”pressure, and the forced resignation of frequently occurring Cravings remain.

It sounds like the easiest diet Plan of the story. On a day you don’t eat, on the other. Intermittent fasting-the so-called new Trend. Idols of the cave people.

spring is here and the Winter fat, in spite of good intentions also can still? Claudia Müller, a qualified nutritionist from VIEW eBalance, white, as you have still chances on the Bikini figure.