– In the Republican budget for adjustment of design and estimate documentation taking into account the wishes of the Ministry of culture, – told “RG” Evgeny Kabanov. In particular, we extend the palette of architectural colors, replaced a piece of equipment on more perfect.

the Construction of a new center of children’s art on the street began after the demolition of the old building of the puppet theatre in September 2018. The theatre was designed with two halls for 100 and 300 people with a total area of 8.7 thousand square meters. Equip it planned the most modern light and acoustic equipment, the facade of the building wanted to draw in the form of a fairytale castle with sculpture groups, decorative cornices and bas-reliefs, pilasters and other elements. Inside provided for spectators and theatre complex with warehouse, production, and repair and maintenance facilities, practice rooms, dressing rooms and utility rooms and artists. To create and rehearse the new theater had not only actors, but also young talents, which would open the children’s Studio.

At the beginning of 2018, began the demolition of a recognized emergency old building, built in the 1930s Actors and Directors, which for three years has kindly sheltered “Russian drama theatre”, be patient and began to dream about a housewarming party, which the Ministry of culture of Kazakhstan promised by December 2019.

But in may 2019, the Service of construction of Kazakhstan announced the detection of “insignificant deviation from the design documentation” during construction. In particular, the frost resistance of concrete did not meet the required, and the technology of masonry and the arched geometry of the arches was broken. No question of failure of terms at that stage was not. But at the end of 2019, when the first small audience had to come to the theatre, Minister of culture Arina Novoselskaya said suddenly about the need for “redesign”. And this is supposedly caused by the fact that the project was laid by outdated technical equipment and too cheap materials. The contractor has engaged in a redesign, but at this stage he was having financial difficulties, which delayed for another six months. By July 2020, the patience of the authorities is exhausted. The fact that the project cost of 1.1 billion rubles contractor in 2019 monthly mastered only 4.8 million. In the end, gray concrete box, and all stood in silence, construction and installation work there are not.

As stated the Deputy Prime Minister Evgeny Kabanov, problems with the contractor, mostly arisen due to its difficult financial situation and serious structural violations in his work there.

– As with any construction, there are certain inconsistencies in the design solutions to customer requirements, but it shouldn’t lead to that�� that the contractor for eight months, is not fulfilling its obligations according to the schedule, – said Kabanov. – By the end of this year, we plan to adjust the project and transfer it to the state. .

Paul Black, Director GBURG “Crimean academic puppet theatre”, Honored worker of culture of the ARC:

We began to put on plays with the expectation of a new scene, for example, the Nutcracker, two-act “the Golden key”. But yet to show they can’t. There are problems, but what to do? With this construction, of course, was framed. While we temporarily work in “Russian drama theatre” there are problems, the hall with a small stage designed for only 40 people. If under restrictions because of the coronavirus will allow us to open up with Seating the audience in one chair working will be impossible. It is very important to save the company. Now people will start to leave leave, we have much to do in the premises of the “Russian theatre” and in the field. But as we worked mainly in schools and institutions, there are problems due to the prohibition of mass events. Going to get out somehow.