almost three hundred candidates will be chosen by 9 pianists in three age categories – from 12 to 22 years. As noted by the initiator of this project, the pianist Alexander Romanovsky, “it was nice to see that our idea so embraced young musicians from around the world: we have received applications from Latin America, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Japan. Of course, responded and our European neighbors, and the neighboring countries, not to mention the diversity of Russian regions. This means that such an initiative was the need for young musicians, experiencing, as we all do, complex, with a spiritual point of view, the situation.”

According to statistics, more than half of the orders came from the youngest age group (12 years old) – 130, the middle group (13-15 years) – 32 applications, in the older group (22 years) – 58 applications. Among the participants 74 the pianist from other countries. Now the video made by musicians at home, listen to a jury comprised of pianists Alexander Romanovsky (Switzerland), Andrey Gugnin (Russia) and Beatrice Rana (Italy).

the Nine winners (three in each age category) will receive a personal master class with one of the members of the jury, and no stage of selection to participate in the IV Moscow international competition of pianists of Vladimir Krainev, which will be held at the House of music in March 2021.

Alexander Romanovsky, pianist, artistic Director and Chairman of the jury Krainev:

Something that young musicians found the strength to prepare this entry, already a small achievement for each of them, and of these achievements then formed a long way of the musician. And more importantly, that music lives, that it is able to unite people in the most difficult situations. Special thanks to those who supported the boys and helped them to prepare the record – parents and teachers.


Video of the three winners, the winners in each category will be posted on the website and social media Competition Krainev and House music. The winners will be announced no later than June 1, 2020.