In these corona-sometimes it might be a challenge for many people to keep indoors and not socialize his friends in the same way as before.

It was certainly a problem for a group of young people in Aarhus on Wednesday evening.

“I was out walking with the dog, when I saw three-four scooters run away from the spot.”

To initiate the 21-year-old Sofie Jansen his story about what she saw Wednesday night at a bålhytte in Tinbækparken by Skovby west of Aarhus.

“As we go past, I can see a huge bonfire in there, where I would guess that there was alcohol added, in order to get as big flames. I can see that there are many people, and that they are young,” says Sofie Jansen to B. T.

Exactly how many young people who partied on Wednesday night in bålhytten by Tinbækparken, dry, Sofie Jansen not guess, but she will shoot the number to perhaps be about 10.

“I think it is terrible that you choose to defy it, as the national board of Health says. In many places, there are people who have lost their jobs, and just at home with me, we three, is sent home, without, however, losing the work,” says Sofie Jansen and adds:

“But it is important to correct the check.”

In connection with the government and the Danish authorities ‘ actions to prevent coronavirussen in to spread in the Danish society, it is no longer allowed to be more than 10 people in public meeting. Is it nevertheless, it can result in a fine of 1,500 crowns.

Anyway took the 21-year-old Sofie Jansen of the possibility to call the police and get interrupted, the young people’s party in the bålhytten.

“I pondered it a little in the situation, but then I was in doubt whether I should call 112 or 114, and if there was ever more than 10 people total, so I could allow myself to call,” says Sofie Jansen.

instead, she chose to go home with the dog. Since she on Thursday morning again was over bålhytten in Tinbækparken, however, it was a shocking sight that waited for Sofie Jansen.

Bålhytten had been left in a significantly poorer condition than normal. Ølkasser and bottles were left behind and thrown around in the cabin, according to Sofie Jansen is a popular gathering place for many of the locals.

Something that does not do the young people party less annoying, if you ask Sofie Jansen.

“I think it is too bad that the meet and celebrations on the way and almost doing the vandalism,” she says and shares at the same time a call to the young people.

“They should stay at home and do homework or socialise with their friends over Skype or do other activities together. Just don’t go out to do vandalism.”