Artist — age profession, a career in art is not done quickly. Become known in 30 years — good luck. The characters of this material yet, and they already participate in the international Biennale of contemporary art along with renowned artists, art critics have long known their names and watching their exhibitions, and museums willing to add to their collection of their works.

get Acquainted with Mary, the second to Valery Agureeva, Evgeny Antufiev, Kirill Garshin and Daria Irincheeva and video, paintings and objects from the collection

Joint material mos.EN and the Agency “Moscow”.

This is the young author, whose works are in the collections of the Moscow Museum of modern art. Kirill Garshin was born in 1990 in Voronezh. In 2010, he graduated from the Voronezh art school and was professionally engaged in painting. He often uses in the works (film, photography, painting). Many of the paintings are autobiographical Garshina.

His name is connected with a new wave of interest to artists painting in the past two decades characterizes the art of the countries of the former Eastern bloc. Snapshots taken at the end of the twentieth century, Garshin takes on an expressive language of his paintings, provoking the audience nostalgia and Recalling that ghostly aura have not only artworks, but also the technology by which they are created.

a Series of paintings inspired by the photographs taken at family gatherings. Adults and children, family members and friends depicted in different parts of the model apartment together with typical household items of the 1990s: a furnished wall and audio, colorful carpet, and a pot-bellied TV. Deliberateness and the tragicomic awkwardness of the characters of these group portraits are familiar to many conveys the feeling of uneasiness that occurs during a mandatory ritual of fixing fleeting moments of unity.

Distortion in the image individuals present in characters who do not play the same role in the life of the artist that played before. Erased the memory of the people — erased the faces in the picture. Deformation and fading like break the smooth colorful surface and clearly demonstrate the inevitable companions of mental time travel — oblivion and creative imagination.

the Artist from Saint-Petersburg Daria Irincheeva also in almost all his works refers to own memories. Irincheeva graduated with honors from the new York school of visual arts and received a master’s degree at Columbia University. On account of its many group and personal exhibitions in Russia, Italy, USA and Austria. Daria works with various materials and techniques, combining sculpture, photography, painting and performance.

the long term��tion project using paint and canvas she has created paintings, objects, simulating the covers and spines of the Soviet editions of the home library: from the Soviet textbook of organic chemistry prior to collection of fairy tales. Once served as a source of knowledge and relevant research, many of them now hopelessly outdated. Deliberately omitting individual elements of graphic design, Irincheeva at the same time points to the futility of this information for the modern man, the transience and the inevitability of time.

Maria Agureeva was born in 1985. She has two education: Saint Petersburg state University of technology and design and the Institute of contemporary art (Moscow). One of the last achievements is winning the competition for grant Ruinart Art Patronat (2019).

Agureeva works with sculpture, installations, video art and is engaged in the performance. One of the main topics of interest to the artist, the tension between public views about regulation and personal self-determination, finding your “I” in a world of stereotyped notions about attractiveness.

One of the second to Valery Agureeva video works stored in the collection of the Museum of modern art. This is the recording of the performance, which the artist spent in one of the galleries in 2015. The audience appeared the artist herself, dressed only in their underwear. Those present were asked to look and say that, in their opinion, is wrong with her face and body. Someone suggested to pump up the press, or to work on the biceps, someone to fix the shape of the nose, and the painter listened in silence all the statements.

the Work reveals the mechanisms of representation and control that lurk behind the glossy appeal of the world. Agureeva builds the space between bondage and freedom, protest, and compromise. The leitmotif is the human figure and the power relations that it is able to generate. The body of the individual, the female body, the artist’s body acts as an object for comment from the point of view of standards, formed by mass media.

Evgeny Antufiev was born in 1986. He is a graduate of the Institute of contemporary art, a special program of the VI Moscow Biennale of contemporary art (2014), the main project of the European biennial of contemporary art “Manifesto-11” (2016) and the winner in the nomination “Young artist. Project of the year” Kandinsky prize (2009). In his work Antuf’ev turns to the theme history and culture — it combines the aesthetics of archaeological and paleontological finds from the sacred imagery of the pagan world.

the collection of the Museum of modern art kept his sculpture “Butterfly”. It belongs to the series “Fragile”, dedicated to Vladimir Nabokov and his passion the entomology. This fact of the biography of the famous Russian writer interested in Antufyev as an example of special collectibles, which is a dead beauty. Bronze butterfly made from a wax model, keeps the traces of man-made sculpting — fingerprints of the artist. In this and other similar images, the author develops the themes of the fragility of life and personal history, death, and the perpetuation of memory through the creation of an archive, collection or Museum.