For months, young people move through the streets, with loud cries and clear demands: The climate of youth fighting for their future. In June, hundreds of thousands of women with banners and whistles went whistling through the cities, in order to stand up for their rights.

It takes two months to go until the national elections. But now women is clear: and Young from these two movements, pushing into the Parliament.

A glance at the electoral lists shows that Every third candidate is below 30 years old – almost ten percent more than 2015! Most young candidates have the Green: Almost half are still not even 30. The CVP is sending 28 percent of the least Under-30-Year-old into the race. Often the offspring has a good chance to be elected. This is the main show of the big parties lists. Ten percent of the most promising positions in the German part of Switzerland are filled with young.

Two young lists of the Green party in the Canton of Berne

In the case of the Green is even reserved one in five Top for you. Party President Regula Rytz explains the rush this way: “Since the Start of the climate movement, more and more Young are interested in politics.” In the Canton of Bern, the interest is so great that two young lists are created. “We have, of course, climate young people on the lists that have only recently entered the policy,” says Rytz.

the climate demo directly to the Parliament? An unusually steep career in Switzerland, where politicians are boarding normally at the municipal level and gradually work your way up.

Jürg Grossen, President of the green liberal party, which has for the Green the largest influx of young Candidates: “We do not expect that each and every one completed the first of a year long slog.” In the Rest of these young Candidates wanted to be not only for the climate and strong: “I note that you are also interested in our policy on Europe, or the securing of pensions.”

another large group wants to move to the Federal house: The women. 41 percent of all Candidates are women – as many as never are. At the election in 2015, it was only 35 percent. Maya Graf, of the Green national councillor and Co-President of the women’s umbrella organisation Alliance F: “Many politicians are now on view spot, this is a crucial factor.” 2015 running women to a third of the views List enough today to almost half. This is also thanks to the Civil. While SP and Green promote longer women’s, to get the FDP, CVP, and co.. The best example is the recently elected Federal councillors Karin Keller-Sutter (FDP) and Viola Amherd (CVP).

With women will be prohibited from the Parliament progressive

FDP-President Petra Gössi: “I am convinced that our women have a good chance.” You are on 20. October, indeed, taken, should, however, not all Civil well-being. A Sunday view-evaluation of the Smartvote survey shows: the women Come, the Parliament progressive – precisely because of the bourgeois candidates!

The SVP-women, for example, are more in favour of same-sex couples have the same rights as heterosexuals. SVP-men are more likely to be against it. The CVP-women prefer a four-week paternity leave. The men do not. The FDP-women fight back against a reduction in social assistance benefits in the cantons. FDP-men do not think in a dream.

The expectations are big as the Green, Maya Graf, says: “in 2019 should not be just the climate-the election year, but also the women-an election year.” A glimmer of hope there is: by 2015, the Genevan Lisa Mazzone – young, green, and female struck – a Previous. Green President Rytz: “It is all possible in this climate of autumn.”

For the candidates-analysis of the Sunday view data from a total of 8134 national Council has evaluated the nominations from the years 2015 and 2019. A special focus of our three-person Team to the 924 people in the main lists of 2019, the parties SVP, SP, CVP, FDP, the greens and the green liberals in the German part of Switzerland. The characteristics such as, for example, education and Parenting have been brought together on the basis of the electoral lists of the cantons, research and Smartvote data and analyses.