“If I get corona, I get the corona. Ultimately deters me from partying.”

this was the controversial statement from Bradley Sluder in the last week.

He and a group of other students from a university in the american city of Tampa and let himself in last week’s interview, while they celebrated the ‘spring break’ in Miami.

A video with several interviews went viral, because young americans to say the least, was entirely indifferent with the coronavirus, who is just now raging in the UNITED states and the rest of the world.

They had not going to drop or dampen celebrations, although the wild celebrations a week in a row works out to a tag table for coronavirussen.

But now there is bad news for the students.

the University of Tampa, as they interviewed the americans then went on, has indicated that a total of five students from the university have been tested positive for corona virus after participating in the ‘spring break’celebrations.

It writes CBS News.

the Story brings nothing as to whether one or more of the interviewed students are among those who have been infected.