“When you walk through a storm…” – this is the most well-known Fan song in the world of sport begins. A song that can not meet the current time would have been better. Because it’s not just the football but the whole of the earth is due to the Coronavirus’ currently, due to a storm.

All sports has been discontinued. This is the right way – for the millions of Fans, but a hard time. Particularly hard-hit, of all things, the Fans that are most closely associated with the Song “You’ll never walk alone” in connection. The Fans of Liverpool FC.

Klopp, and Liverpool win the title

Liverpool in this year’s English champion, and no one on the island had doubts as well. 25 points the Team of coach Jürgen Klopp ahead of second-placed Manchester City. The Reds play one of the best seasons in the history. imago image/photo arena, Liverpool-Coach Jürgen Klopp

And yet must fear the Team from the North West of England now for the title. No one can predict in the current situation, when and if at all it can be played again. How is it more in the individual leagues? Crash? Shift? The current state count? No solution will satisfy all parties Involved.

But no matter what is decided: Despite the outstanding season Liverpool Fans have, in any scenario, the possibility for a large Party, you would have had after 30 years without a championship earned. The risk is too high.

Rio Ferdinand: season undo!

“does anyone think the Fans will be seated after 30 years full of pain at home with a Cup of tea and say: ‘Well done, men’? They would go out. I would want to get out of going. And not everyone is reasonable in situations such as this. People would try to celebrate outside and by turn. That’s football,” said England legend Rio Ferdinand to the “Mirror” and called for the cancellation of the season. imago sports, photo service, Rio Ferdinand (right) played for Liverpool’s arch-rivals Manchester United.

That Ferdinand is jealous of as a long-time player of arch-rival Manchester United the Reds no title, have to do with his claim to. “Here it’s a matter of life and death, to the society and the big picture. Football in this sense is not so important. I love football, we all love football. But it is not life or death,” said the former Red Devil.

“You’ll never walk alone”

The Liverpool supporters certainly see it differently. Nine match days in the Premier League actually. Should this actually take place yet, then with high probability, without an audience. “The Kop” will be empty, Anfield was silenced.

In Germany, it will go Arminia-Fans currently similar. Topsy-turvy world, however, in the case of trailers of relegation threatened clubs such as Werder Bremen. Large Banging that the season is ended in the present state; big frustration that you can no longer provide the Association with a possible final to Play the necessary support.

“You’ll never walk alone”, singing currently, people all over the world. A song that now gets about the football, the importance and, nevertheless, most likely back to the Situation of the Fans of Liverpool FC matches.

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