up To 22 hours on Tuesday night might be the second part of the corona-enquëte of the University of Antwerp (to be filled in. The first survey was taken by more 560.000 Belgians, and it was found that older people and their behavior, more quickly changed than that of the younger generation. Those who fill in this questionnaire, the scientists, in order to have realistic models to be available to sign for the spread of the corona virus.

Researchers at the University of Antwerp, had, on the 17th of march, exactly a week ago, with colleagues from the catholic university of Leuven and University of Hasselt, the so-called ‘ citizenscienceproject” started. By means of an online survey, they wanted to find out more about the potential changes that the corona virus from the Belgians to be zero. The survey was a huge success: more than 560.000 Belgians used them to fill in.

“the first results showed that more than three-quarters of the participants have children in the home write, and a 3% forced to have had to ask the wife. It has also become clear that many of the Belgians, and the switch to working at home were, however, of those who are not at home, were employed, gave about 10 per cent to a still-to-be, the big boss, while working from home, according to his own estimate, was” according to the university.

of the Hand or a kiss

In the previous survey, it was asked whether the participants could remember when the last time a hand or a kiss to be had < / I> (see chart below). “We can clearly see that the curve for the 65 years and older peak at the first vertical line, and the spikes in the younger age-groups later on, and in particular, at the time of the dramatic action of the 13th of march,” explains gezondheidseconoom, Philippe Beutels (UAntwerpen), off. “What this means is that the vast majority of people over 65 we have seen with social distancing has begun, and with the advice of the scientific committee may be better to start with, you will have the rest of the population.”

Photos: UAntwerpen

The survey will be in the next few weeks, every Tuesday will be repeated. “It’s very important that we get the results week after week with each other, to be able to compare,” says biostatisticus Niel Hens (UAntwerpen/university college). “It gives us the opportunity to be on the basis of the existing and new mathematical models for better projection. On the basis of the feedback received from the participants, the methodology of the survey for some items, for example, some living alone, people are concerned.”

The survey can be found on www.corona-studie.be. They can be re-entered on the Tuesday, march 24, from 10 to 22 an hour.

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