A former adviser to Barack Obama is being slammed for a “ghoulish” tweet celebrating the “short term sacrifices” New York City made to go from the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic to having a day with no new recorded deaths.

“From the epicenter to zero deaths. Short term sacrifice saves lives!!!” Valerie Jarrett tweeted on Saturday evening, in reaction to a story declaring the fact that the previous day included no new coronavirus deaths in New York City.

From the epicenter to zero deaths. Short term sacrifice saves lives!!!

While New York City has seen a lull in once-spiking numbers, the Big Apple has still recorded over 220,000 cases and 22,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. New York state itself has recorded over 70,000 cases and 30,000 deaths in that timeframe. 

Good news about the virus also comes in the shadow of highly controversial decisions made by Governor Andrew Cuomo at the beginning of the pandemic, primarily an order forcing nursing homes to accept positive Covid-19 cases, which many critics say attributed to the high death and case rates in the state, especially among the elderly.

In light of the less-than-rosy history New York has had with the pandemic, many were outraged Jarrett would not only seemingly declare the city victorious over coronavirus, but also tout “short term sacrifices,” which could refer to lockdown procedures still in place in the city or mask-wearing mandates, but it only made others think of the long road New York has taken.

“This may be the worst victory lap of them all,” National Review contributor and radiologist Pradheep J Shanker tweeted in response to Jarrett, going on to highlight the death toll that has come out of the entire state. 

“You should be ashamed,” he added.

Dear God, this may be the worst victory lap of them all. ‘SACRIFICE FOR THE GREATER GOOD!’Wut?430k cases32,403 DEATHSAge>75, 665 deaths per 100k65-74, 663About 30 children have died, and hundreds have viral sequelae.You should be ashamed, @ValerieJarrett

“More people died with coronavirus in New York City (population 8 million) than Texas (29 mil), Florida (21 mil), California (39 mil) and Georgia (11 mil) … combined,” journalist Steve Krakauer tweeted.


Tens of thousands is a “short term sacrifice”

Others highlighted Cuomo’s controversial nursing-home policy, as well.

NY infected the rest of the country – they are responsible for 1/3 of all COVID deaths and Cuomo’s mandate killed 6k elderly people.

While Jarrett may be celebrating New York’s coronavirus statistics, the very article she responded to on Twitter includes the governor and others warning of a second wave of cases in the fall. 

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