If the sun is shining during the day, nonstop, and no rain is in sight, flowers, plants and also the lawn is of special attention in order to survive the heat without any damage. The correct watering is especially important now. It is always well to take into account the location and species of plant.

in The early Morning giessen

It is advisable to water in the hot Season in the early morning before the sun is burning properly. The only way the Water can penetrate down to the roots and does not evaporate pointless. For a morning may be worthwhile, therefore, an irrigation system with timer. Otherwise, it should be with the watering can or the garden, the earth tube can be watered to the plants at the root zone well. Under no circumstances should the daytime be poured. This is ecologically and economically nonsensical. For flowers and plants is a risk of burns when exposed to direct sun irradiation on the soaked flowers and leaves.

anyone Who finds the night time to water Plants, wait until late in the evening. However, you have to expect that this increasingly snails are attracted to the plant feed.

Smaller pots in shade place to curb

of Small pots should, if possible, be placed on the extremely hot days of sun in a slightly shadier place. Some plants, such as hydrangeas, can make the evening after the great heat of a withering impression, but recover easily as soon as they are watered. Basil doesn’t like it at all, if the root ball dries out completely, and he stands in the blazing sun.

the Trick with PE-bottle

you will Find there’s no time for casting, may also be a 1.5-Liter PET bottle filled with water and with the Opening downward in a flower-pot are provided. This emergency tip is suitable, for example, if you want to go away for a weekend.

The right dosage

need How much water flowers and shrubs that in turn depends on the location and the species. The correct dosage of the amount of water needs a bit of tact.

it is Important when casting is that the entire soil is wet. So the roots can absorb the water properly and the Water does not remain only in the uppermost layers. Even in extreme summer heat but it should not be given excessive water. The plants don’t dry up then, but you is a risk of rot, and they die.

as a General rule: flowers, plants, shrubs, or vegetables that are not planted in the ground, need to be daily watered. Othmar Ziswiler, head of the Department of trade and final consumption Jardin Suisse, explains in an Interview with the VIEW: “in order for excess water no water is in the pots, there must be a drain hole in the pot available. It should be poured until the bottom of the water out flows. Smaller pots, a water bath in a bucket of water approximately 30 minutes, like.”

turf penetrating water

While extreme heat it is advisable to cut the lawn less short. Thus, heat can damage to prevent. Ideally, the turf around the five-centimeter cut back. Instead of disposing the cut grass can lawn be covered by Vacancies in the vegetable patch with a layer cut. This also helps against evaporation in excessive heat. Garden expert Ziswiler says: “At the lawn, it is important to water penetrating. So you can wait for several days until the next Watering.”

In the case of a large lawn, a lawn sprinkler can be helpful. But also here applies: Only in the early Morning, the sprinkler system set – even if the children had during the day, enjoy a cooling under the lawn sprinkler. Better for the kids and the lawn, it is, if a paddling pool is situated in the shade. This water can be poured in the Morning and then the plants again.