The 18-year-old Texas perpetrator wrote to a complete stranger on Instagram before his massacre at an elementary school. The girl made the news public herself – and wonders if she could have done more.

On May 22, an Instagram user named “salv8dor_” posted a photo on his account with two AR-15 rifles. And links to a profile of a minor. The girl – who does not come from Texas – has now made the facts public in her Instagram story.

The course of the chat with the later gunman is bizarre: “You repost my weapon pictures,” he wrote to her on May 12. The girl reacted with amazement: “What do your weapons have to do with me?” she answered. After that, the conversation initially ended. But the morning before the crime, Ramos wrote: “I’m about to.”

What he was in front of, the girl asked, as the chats show. Ramos’ answer: “I have a little secret.” He wanted to tell her before eleven o’clock, and then she had to answer, he wrote. She didn’t promise that: “I’m sick, I might sleep again. But when I’m awake.”

At 1 p.m., the two texted again briefly. Then there was no reply from Ramos.

The girl now wonders if she could have done more: “I wish I had at least tried to stop him from committing his crime,” she wrote. The only reason she texted him at all was because she was scared of his first message with the gun pictures.

Ramos was not only active on Instagram. According to US media, he also had a profile on TikTok. However, there was only one post there: A clip of a computer game. According to CNN, his description read: “Children will be scared in real life”.

The perpetrator’s social media accounts were deleted after his name became known.