A migraine is more than a heavy headache, she is a genetically related disease. Typically the pain is strong, pulsating, one-sided to the left or to the right, and increases when one moves. And it is associated with side effects such as Nausea and vomiting, light and noise sensitivity.

The special case of a migraine is called the Aura, which can be at the beginning of an attack. “This is a hallucination, an Overreaction of the brain,” explains Reto Agosti, head physician at the headache center Hirslanden. “You see things as in a kaleidoscope of Métallisé colors. Even with eyes closed.”

When the migraine strikes, is no longer thinking about work, says Agosti. Many of those Affected are no longer able to work and disability be magnetized. “Often, migraine patients are not to be taken seriously and their Suffering diagnosed late,” says the neurologist Jens Petersen from the University hospital Zurich.

5 tips for migraines

American researchers have found a direct link between diet and headaches. Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you prevent the pain successfully.

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The trigger for migraine is unclear

A migraine attack follows a clear pattern in five phases (see graphic) and can take a long time. “The symptoms usually lasts between four hours and up to three days,” says neurologist Petersen.

What exactly triggers a migraine, is largely unclear and can also be used with individual patients rarely find out, say, the migraine experts Agosti and Petersen. Factors could be Stress, but also sports. “Excesses of every kind,” summarizes Agosti. In women also hormone fluctuations in the period, or because of the pill could play a role, which is why they tend to be more affected than men.

A Million people in Switzerland have a minimum of five times in the life of a migraine, around 100’000 of them had an attack in the last three months and up to 20’000 victims suffer every day.

The best advice

The under-appreciated people’s disease, migraine has genetic causes and is not therefore, also, is definitely curable. But with medication, lifestyle Changes or complementary therapies, you can be in a chess holding. “Enough sleep, but not too much, less Stress, moderate exercise and good diet,” advises migraine specialist, Reto Agosti from the headache centre at the Hirslanden clinic. Preventive food additives, Magnesium and Vitamin B2 might help. Anyone who has at least once a week with a migraine, you should reach for the prophylaxis. “But if an attack is announced, jagged the medication, waiting brings nothing,” says Agosti. Are meant to be over-the-counter pain relievers from the pharmacy. Only with prescribed tablets, injections or nasal spray the migraine could attack even after the beginning of still relieve.

Who suffers Finally help against migraine

migraine, can hope for a new drug. The Swiss approval is likely to get Novartis soon. A single syringe costs almost 600 francs. Neurologists speak of a large litter, the people suffer prevent.


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