Instead of kicking on the lawn, should also remain in the soccer professionals at the moment home. Suitable for this purpose, the FC Zurich, calls the Hashtag #stayathome footballer and adjusts the names of his players. So the footballer in Home hot Office suddenly Becir Homeragic or Adrian winter garden.

Other Swiss clubs to follow the call and show off your creative side. We have summarized the funniest name for you. A Lot Of Fun!

FC Zurich Becir HomeragicAdrian WintergartenIlan Sauter race Kevin home alone Rüegg-Fi BrittoLevan kharabad room Young Boys David from ballkon, Nicolas Transylvanian side Christian barrel not face Gianluca GaudiDaheimMeschack EchLiAbstandJean-Pierre lonely Guillaume HoaRocktDaheim FC Basel Jonas HomelinRaoul BettrettaMarcel “het slow dr” Koller, Luca PuzziValentin homebody Fabian “I” FreiEray Cömerniduse Xamax Mike GoMaisonSamir ResteIciGeoffroy SereyPasLesMainsRaphaël Nuzzolhome
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