Creak – and klunkelydar, autopilot and cruise control who lives his own life, the water in the lanterns which lit poorly, difficult to start, tired paint and a toilet that turns off and on when it even fits.

In an attempt to sell his car on find, the transport-interested elektromontøren very sincerely about the state of Teslaen he bought in the autumn of 2018.

It was Firda who first talked about the issue.

– Car is a reparasjonsobjekt

the Car he bought to put to turn, and to make pendlinga to and from the job billegast possible. But since the purchase, it has mostly only been a problem, we will believe Marius André Langø.

– I’ve got a car that is a reparasjonsobjekt argue he.

First there was the dew and the water in the lanterns. It was the first thing I checked after three days. So has it come to more and more.

FRUSTRATED: Marius André Langø hope Tesla will take back the car.

Photo: Private Ruled over the in the wrong køyrebane

The most serious he has seen when he on the way back from the garage in Bergen, norway experienced that the steering wheel “locked” and went the car over in the opposite køyrebane.

– It is a pretty serious error. Imagine if it had it come car against, ” says Langø.

No has the vehicle been in the shop five times. At the same time shows a NAF test, which was taken when the car had gone 5000 miles, 20-25 incorrect or missing. Langø has also been Bilskadesenteret in Brought to document what he believes is the problem with the car.

I have been told that I commit errors that are not errors and that all points were in the Tesla its spesifikasjonar.

– What is your opinion about handteringa?

– It is too bad. They try to add all the protection away from them. They respond not on e-mail longer, ” says Langø stated.

The one time he was on the shop experienced Langø also that he had a lånebil that was neither registered or make. The matter was referred to in the E24.

150.000’ve seen the ad

He has spent over 100,000 dollars on a lawyer in an attempt to resolve the matter. No, he has sent your case to the Forbrukarklageutvalet, where he hope of the connection.

But now is the frustration so great that he is not able to wait, and therefore have posted the car for sale to 605.000 million, well below what he bought the car for. He has gotten a lot of feedback on the ad.

– There are many who think it is interesting, even if it is serious, tell him.

– so Far, has ad got 150.000 sidevisningar, and I have been førespurnader from people who are interested in the car. But because of all the problems they will not pay as much for the car, ” says Langø.

TESLA: Owner believed that he had got into draumebilen, but instead he has spent much time in the garage.

Photo: Private Fryktar huge loss

Any time he had seen that Tesla gave him a new car or at least repaired failed without costs for him.

– I fryktar a great loss, but I shall not give up the fight.

Langø think that Tesla stands out as a rogue without a willingness to resolve the matter.

I don’t understand how Tesla would want a customer to have a so bad car. That they do not skjemst and fixes failed, undrar Langø.

Tesla gets a lot of complaints

In the last harvest report Forbrukarrådet about klagerekord on the cars to the Tesla. Until last september they had received 113 complaints about the car brand.

– Of the principle of the comments we not enkeltkundar in the media, but we are looking forward to have this issue thoroughly discussed in the Forbrukarklageutvalet. We note that the customer is trying to sell the car before the selection gets treated påstandane, print communications manager at Tesla Norway, Even Sandvold Roland, in an e-mail to NRK.

Tesla: – Customers are fornøgde

at the same Time, he refers to an independent review from the magazine Motor as the visions that Tesla their evaluations in most of the case is correct.

– On a general basis, think we it is sad to meet enough customers in the recording experience had made himself bodies. Fortunately it happens very seldom. The vast majority of Tesla customers in Norway is fornøgde, as documented in, among other things, the Norwegian Timer 2019, where Tesla with the 4/5 stars were placed in the category of very fornøgde enough customers. A recent study from the Elbilforeininga shows that Tesla customers are most fornøgde among all elbileigarar, write Roland in the e-mail.