People’s artist of Russia Liya Akhedzhakova made a new appeal to departed from the theatre "Contemporary" Sergei Garmash. An open letter to the actress at her request published in Facebook actor Vladimir Eremin.

Akhedzhakova has compared the recent open letter Garmash with a report.

"If you don’t like an intelligent and talented Director V. Ryzhakov, and you have their submission, in whose hands should rightfully be our theatre (ours, not yours), you shouldn’t have to "knock" on him in high offices," said the artist.

She accused Garmash in attempts to "warm up" hatred and aggression in the theater in a difficult situation. According to her, the actor "declared war" Ryzhakov and left, "proudly slamming the door".

Recently Sergey Garmash wrote an open letter in which he announced his departure from the theater because of the policies of the new leadership. He noted that he applied to the Moscow authorities, "I did it openly, but it was not heeded."