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I may not be at the cabin mi, but on the same plot I have a rv and then you can stay there. It is too stupid.

It believes Roger Michalsen. He is in koronakarantene after a holiday on Gran Canaria. Even if he would spent karantenetida at the cottage, it is important for him to follow the restrictions that have come.

The much-talked hytteforbudet makes it prohibited to sleep in a holiday home in another municipality than where you are registered.

But caravans, motor homes, recreational boats are not covered by the ban. Such a ban is up to the municipalities themselves to introduce.

Balsfjord municipality, where Roger Michalsen has both the cabin and the motorhome, does not have such a prohibition. Thus, he can actually stay the night in the motorhome, and be at the cottage during the day.

Prohibits hytteturer in other municipalities,

– It sounds completely tøvete out for me. It should be a rule that applies for all, ” says Michalsen.

Also the mayor of the Whales have gone out and want a similar prohibition against the boat people.

Roger Michalsen would like to spent karantenetida at the cottage as he believes there is a greater smittefare in the housing cooperative where he lives.

Photo: Pål Hansen / the Norwegian broadcasting corporation Will refuse guests

Johan Staff driver the campsite Staff Vacation & Leisure in Malangen, Troms, norway.

– the Signals I have received from the guests my is that they probably will stay at home forward. But if it is fine weather this easter and I’m not just sure, ” says Staff.

He also believes hytteforbudet should apply to all types of holiday homes.

When hytteforbudet came, I thought at first that it also applied to the campsites. By law I can not deny the guests to come here if they want it. But I want to deny them it, for I will not have koronasmitte here.

Johan Staff driver the campsite Staff Holiday & Leisure where they have around 100 caravans with spikertelt.

Photo: Pål Hansen / NRK Believes the introduction of the hytteforbud can be infringement of human rights, Avoid unnecessary journeys

the minister for health, Bent Tall (H) explained hytteforbudet closer during a press conference Monday afternoon. When the said Tall that hytteforbudet is put in place so that municipalities with many leisure areas can provide excellent medical service to its residents and not have to take care of the visitors.

High, also tried to explain why the ban does not automatically apply to caravans and motorhomes.

There are many municipalities which have less spaces, or campsites that do not challenge the health care system, ” says High.

the High stresses that municipalities that have large campsites with many people have the permission to close these.

health minister Bent Tall (H) advises people to not go on a trip with a motorhome or to campingvogna.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

– Caravans are in conflict with the advice we have to avoid unnecessary travel. I hope that the people who have campers and motorhomes listening to the national councils.

– How do you explain that an owner of a cabin must be at home, but can go to campingvogna with spikertelt?

– No, we do not take on unnecessary travelling and thus you will not get drag on the campsites.

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