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” We want to give them påmelde two val. Either to stand by the requirement to receive a refund of 50 percent of the entry fee, or to donate it in solidarity with the Birken, says the general manager Eirik Torbjørnsen in the Den.

According to the Birken-the boss has many already said that they want the organizer to get the same money.

It costs 1470 kronar to go hovudrennet at 54 km, while, for example, StafettBirken cost 2850 dollars for the whole layer.

Birken cancelled Sympatierklæringar

Torbjørnsen says it is difficult to say how many people who come to donate contingent. But they have got a lot of støtteerklæringar from both the contestants and others who care about the events.

We are grateful that many of them have expressed the desire to refrain from the reimbursement of the entry fee, ” says Birken-the boss.

TAKKSAM: Eirik Torbjørnsen says very many already have said they will donate the money to the Den, and is takksam for it.

Photo: Anne Kari Løberg / NRK

If a want money back it is only to talk about to get the half, in line with both the guidelines from the Norwegian ski federation and påmeldingsvilkåra.

– If a cancellation has a participant entitled to receive a refund of 50 per cent. So we do what the participants have a claim on, says Torbjørnsen.

the Deadline to apply for refunds is 3. april. After it donates a automatic money.

HANDSREKNING: Øystein Engesveen, the participant through the many years:

Photo: Private

Den-veteran Øystein Engesveen was quickly out to encourage all påmelde participants to not demand a refund.

– Let’s give the Den a financial handsrekning. The participants have already paid, but unfortunately not gone the race. You can go the trip yet, said Engesveen 11. march.

Post of his on Facebook, at the time of writing shared 39 times. Certain this is divided further by many of his friends, there are very many who have been given the challenge.

today he has posted a new call for the same, after that he was right about that Den gives people the opportunity to get back half.

To affect the koronaviruset the sport Financially difficult

After they had to cancel all Birken-event because of the korona, the president also had to lay off all the employees fully or partially. Now it is only he himself who are working fully, and they are in a difficult situation financially.

We would the have had 16 000 people on skifestivalen our over two weekends. Permitteringar is one of the more grip we unfortunately had to resort to, ” says Torbjørnsen.

Although many fryktar koronakrisa can last several months to come, hope Birken on to be able to arrange both Birkebeinerløpet in June and the bike in august as planned.

– We have already planned a part up against the attståande the events in the year. When we get us through this situation we are in now, we can breathe a bit better with the stomach also, can we all look a little forward, ” says Birken-the boss.

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