Yesterday, today, out what you need to do not only with fashion but also with the music. This rocket then a Grin from Chart Songs of today. Guarantees everyone has, in this respect, a couple of personal examples. Also skier Wendy Holdener (26) is no exception. The Huawei brand Ambassador has betrayed us your Hits from his youth.

The Ski ACE went to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, “Cotton Eye Joe” by she has or “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. Songs in which the world champion a world champion was able to sing along. Because: “These Songs were my parents on cassette in the car – I wanted to listen to me, as a child 1000 times.”

among the favorites of Christa Rigozzi (36) “Stay Another Day” by East 17, “Back For Good” by Take That and “The Rhythm Of The Night” by Corona. She has danced to this in her youth, not only sung, but even. “The Song of East 17, I’ve loved so much that I’ve written all the choreographies of you,” says the presenter.

Zeki Bulgurcu (29) was also a dreamy teen who has heard the following song before he became a successful Social-Media Comedian: “Just A Touch” by Keith Sweat and “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake.

Nowadays, other music idols to inspire the next generation. One of them is Luca Hänni is. The 25-year-old Bernese catapulted with his contribution, “She Got Me” at the Eurovision Song Contest in may to fourth place. 200 million TV viewers are now familiar with his Hit.

Luca Hänni but not only passion and every day music, he hears it too often. He usually has headphones. Without them, he rarely leaves the house. As a brand Ambassador of Huawei, he tested, therefore, the new Open-Fit earphone “FreeBuds 3” in everyday life. What he likes about you? “Those things have a great Bass,” he says in the Video.

The nostalgia Hits from his Childhood Hänni listens to the loved one in silence. This goes with the “FreeBuds 3” from Huawei especially well because the noise Outside, reduce, thanks to “Noise-Cancelling”. Further advantages: “you look beautiful and stylish, wear wonderfully in the ear, and the battery lasts up to 20 hours,” says Hänni. Enough time to listen to all the “Guilty Pleasure Songs” in the loop.

Huawei FreeBuds 3 and concert tickets to win

Who betrays Luca Hänni in the comments of his Instagram Posts why he needs the new Huawei “FreeBuds 3” necessarily, you can win with a bit of luck. Among the participants of the 10 copies will be raffled off, as well as 10 x 2 concert Tickets for the Tour Start on Friday, 8. November.

This can be the “FreeBuds 3” from Huawei

The new Open-Fit headphones have many advantages:

Active Noise Cancellation: mitigation of noise and other noise outside of the headphones
Wind Noise Reduction: mitigation of Wind-noise
Supercharging: 70% battery charge within 30 minutes
Long Battery Life: With a battery charge 4h and listen to music, with the charging case for a further 20 hours of runtime are possible
Stereo Sound: Huawei’s Dual-Channel Bluetooth connects the two headphones time. This is a paid post

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