you Should not forbid children from Cyberspace? The experts are unanimous: no! Parents must accompany their children on the way in the digital world instead, and support it. Not the age but the children are not alone and the skills can gradually acquire.

Here are the main tips and Tricks to help your child device that is not the case in the Searches:

– Put your child, not just the digital world from unattended. Try to participate in it by your child, for example, Videos or photos to show that it finds a particularly cool and funny, or particularly uncool and stupid. Important the exchange is. You can these online of the world. You will see how proud your child is that it knows something you have no idea.

– Arrange with your child a certain length of time it online. It is useful to make the week less time available for on the weekend a little more.

– Offer your child plenty of opportunities for you to get involved offline as well. Maybe the Online and offline world connect with each other? So your offspring could show off his latest football trick in a cool Video.

– where none – do not Run fixed offline days in the month! – the Smartphone uses. You go with your children, Hiking or walking in the woods without GPS. Teach your child how to read a map.

– Send your child before the age of 15. Birthday at least once in a horse-riding camp! Since it learns how to lead a horse and how vital it is to keep to the rules. The 500 francs you will only invest, if your child comes rotbäckig and full of the joy of life back home.