Olga Vilanova! Doctors still unusual people. I remember February 27 Yudinskaya, the hospital has received the mission: to relieve the therapeutic unit and to prepare for the reception of patients with community-acquired pneumonia. And just a day carried out restructuring of the huge hospital building, which is now all aimed at combating community-acquired pneumonia?

Olga Pupysheva: the next day from all over the city we began to receive such patients. Although all is not easy: new uniforms, new protection rules, the new rules of movement. In fact: a new routine life. No one had such experience. But all at once, in a moment took the challenge. Every hour the number of patients began to increase. There were those who were prone to panic at the slightest symptoms of SARS. People were scared of what is happening around. Addressed with the requirement urgently hospitalized, get a CT, to hand over smears… Everyone calm, trying to provide not only medical support but also psychological.

Yes, it’s not easy. Few patients think about what by doctors and nurses. It’s a lot of hours in the suit, not passing air. That’s a lot of hours in the mask, which then hurts the person. But when you work such a schedule, no time to think about yourself. It is no coincidence among kovid-positive patients, many of our colleagues: doctors ambulance, clinics, other hospitals. After a month of hard work among our employees were infected and ill.

pandemic sometimes forget that patients with other diseases need help, what other diseases have not gone away.

Olga Pupysheva: In the city an elaborate system, how to disconnect the flow of such patients. For example, our main building is focused on working with patients without suspicion of infection. In the previous round-the-clock is a unique regional vascular centre with the most modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment. And two brigades endovascular surgeons provide for trombolitikov and thrombectomy.

In emergency mode, work urologists, gynecologists, neurosurgeons, cardiac surgeons. The maternity began to take pregnant women with cardiac pathologies. I want to reassure moms-to-be: the ability of our hospital to cope with these troubles. All emergency care is provided in full. In addition, we have two clinics that are coved-positive patients at home: services to patients, examination of patients, the CT scan research.

Here and now during our conversation in the main body is emergency hospitalization?

Olga Pupysheva: how different! Another thing that is not quite as in normal times, Thu��to prevent the spread of infection. Time dictates. And if your family member is in our care, to know about his health by phone. His treating physician can ask all the questions that interest you. Phones all offices on our website.

still round the clock on duty in the hospital a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals. Our hospital is the only city in which patients in critical condition are delivered brigade “ambulance” in the Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy. So to speak, “from wheels”. This allows to significantly reduce mortality in severe combined trauma. In full working emergency medical aircraft. After all, our territory is one of the best patient sites for making helicopters.