We do it to live: breathing in and breathing out is a natural process that occurs unconsciously. With the breath of life get important oxygen into our lungs, where an adult man per Minute to about five to ten breaths.

In everyday life, we focus hardly on the breathing, even though the help in overcoming of problems, and more mindfulness could give. Breathe consciously and focus your attention in between a couple of minutes of time on the air, so you will enjoy physical and mental well-being, bring relaxation into your life and gain an open, curious attitude towards everything, what you perceive to be just and to do. Also if you are struggling with sleep problems, can achieve the correct breathing to improve.

in the Evening, in bed, you cling to thoughts and have a hard time falling asleep? Then it takes you how many. With this breathing technique, you say your sleep problems the fight.

Deep and uniform air

get breathing So automatically, our body is for us, as surprising as the realization that we can make the breathing is definitely something wrong. Particularly stressed individuals are affected. Quite unconsciously changes in tension of the respiratory rhythm, which can have bad effects on our health.

A flat, and shortened breathing only in the chest area is the result of Stress. This disturbed rhythm is influenced by the autonomic nervous system, heartbeat and blood pressure to rise.

Proper Breathing requires we take a deep and evenly air. It is important that a relaxed belly breathing (the abdomen should rise!) takes place. This stimulates the internal organs, improves cell metabolism, blood circulation and digestion, the immune system and the mental Constitution. Also the breathing frequency, heart-less beat and more Composure in stressful situations brings.

Three Exercises for correct breathing

Pranayama is a practice in Yoga, trying different breathing exercises, body and spirit together. During the Exercises, you will consciously take time to focus on the correct Breathing. The everyday life and the own thoughts will disappear, and you remain true to themselves.

Alternate Viloma : One of the breathing exercises in Yoga, the effect is a harmonizing and activating the energy channels on both sides of the Body provides. The “buddy breathing” is called, helps you to strengthen the heart and circulatory system. This is how it works: Kneeling or sitting on a chair or cushion to an upright Position. Four seconds through one nostril inhalation, while the other is gently pressed with the fingers. For 16 seconds, the air stop. Then through the other nostril for eight seconds, exhale, while the first nose is pressed to the hole with the Finger of the other hand. Ten times repeat. the Bhramari : This type of breathing is a fun Exercise. The term comes from somewhere: Because this Name was chosen as a bee buzz. And this is how it works: In the cross-legged and with the hands of the head cover. With the thumbs, the ears close, the other fingers rest gently on the head. Aware of a few breaths. Then on the Exhale audibly like a bee buzzing. The lips should vibrate in the process. The Whole nine times repeated. the Magic Minute: you can easily and spontaneously try out any place conscious Breathing. Because in the end, just behind the full concentration on your breathing. A state of emptiness of mind is achieved, and all your strength is in the air. Such a conscious breathing in everyday life is called by meditation expert Katja Sterzenbach “Magic Minute”. Build multiple such “magical” minutes in your daily life, and your wellbeing will increase!